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Understanding the NEC Vol.1 DVD Program, 2020 NEC

Understanding the NEC Vol 1 Training Program 2020 NEC - 20UND1DVD

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This product is Part 1 of our best-selling Understanding the National Electrical Code DVD series. Thousands of Electricians across the US have learned and mastered the rules of the Code in this easy to use program. Part 1 covers Articles 90 through 480 as Mike breaks them down with thousands of full-color illustrations and clear and easy to understand examples. The videos provide an even broader explanation of how to apply the NEC. Watch Mike and his video team dissect the articles as they provide important feedback on how to apply them in the field.

There is no other product on the market that provides this type of in-depth code training. Order your copy today so you can learn from NEC Expert Mike Holt, and get the skills and knowledge you need to apply the code successfully in the field.

This product is ideal for everyone in the industry including electricians, contractors, inspectors, instructors, and engineers. Invest in your knowledge and get this best-selling series today.

This library includes:

  • Understanding the NEC Volume 1 textbook
  • Understanding the NEC Volume 1 WORKBOOK
  • Bonding and Grounding textbook
  • Understanding the NEC Volume 1 Articles 90-240 (2) DVDs
  • Understanding the NEC Volume 1 Articles 300-450 (4) DVDs
  • Bonding and Grounding Article 250 (4) DVDs



Product Code: 20UND1DVD
ISBN: 978-1-950431-37-3
Pages: 672
Illustrations: 1592
Practice Questions: 430
Price: $525.00

Digital Answer Key(s) included with this product.


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