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Master Comprehensive Library, 2020 NEC

Master Comprehensive Library 2020 NEC - 20MACOMP

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This best-selling program has been helping individuals prepare for exams across the country for many years. It is designed to give you confidence in taking an exam because you have truly prepared in all aspects of Theory, Code, and Calculations. Mike provides in-depth instruction with step by step explanations for solving problems. The DVDs expand your understanding with detailed explanations and analysis using real-world examples. The practice questions are key to reinforcing what you learn.   

Become one of the many electricians who pass their exams the first time after using this program, order your copy today.

This library includes:

Electrical Theory textbook
· Electrical Fundamentals and Basic Electricity DVD
· Electrical Circuits, Systems, and Protection DVD
· Alternating Current, Motors, Generators, and Transformers DVD
Understanding the NEC Volume 1 textbook
· Understanding the NEC, Articles 90-240 (2) DVDs
· Understanding the NEC, Articles 300-450 (4) DVDs
Bonding and Grounding textbook
· Bonding and Grounding (4) DVDs
Understanding the NEC Volume 2 Textbook
· Understanding the NEC Volume 2, Articles 500-820 (3) DVDs
Exam Preparation textbook
· Raceway and Box Calculations DVD
· Conductor Sizing and Protection Calculations DVD
· Motor, Air-Conditioning and Transformer Calculations DVD
· Voltage-Drop Calculations DVD
· Dwelling Unit Calculations DVD
· Multifamily Dwelling Calculations DVD
· Commercial Calculations DVD
Master/Contractor Practice Exam workbook
NEC Online Quiz


Product Code: 20MACOMP
ISBN: 978-1-950431-39-7
Price: $1150.00

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A portion of this package is delayed. The package will ship immediately, and the Understanding Volume 2 textbook and DVDs will ship by the last week of September.