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2008 Grounding versus Bonding (Article 250) Online Program
2008 Grounding versus Bonding Article 250 Online Program - 08GBOLP
Interactive online training is available! This online course gets to the root of all problems associated with Grounding versus Bonding, and our detailed color graphics help you easily differentiate between the two. This course may be used for continuing education in approved states. Click Here to go to our state licensing page to verify if your state accepts this course for continuing education credit. This course features 24/7 online access and allows you to stay in the course for the length of time that best suits your needs. Course progress is saved automatically at 5 minute intervals in addition to the Save and Logout option.  

Product Code: 08GBOLP
Price: $89.00

Answer keys are included with all Mike Holt books.

NOTE: To be able to use this program reliably we recommend that you have a stable and reliable Internet Connection. If you are using a discount dial-up connection you may not be able to use this program. Our online training programs are compatible with most Adobe Flash enabled phones and tablets.

Verify this Program is Approved by your State Board.

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