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2011 NEC Exam Practice Questions Textbook

2011 NEC Practice Questions Textbook - 11PQ

The purpose of the NEC Practice Questions book is to create an ideal environment to test your NEC knowledge. The design of this book builds your skills section by section and includes over 2,100 NEC questions. The book includes 10 Quizzes of 100 questions each that are in Code Order and take you through each of the nine chapters of the NEC. There are also 10 additional quizzes where the NEC questions are in random order in order to challenge your NEC knowledge. There are seven Final quizzes on all chapters of the code that are in random order that help you really get familiar with your code book. Going through this book really builds your code knowledge and your ability to find things quickly as you proceed. After building your skills you can test your knowledge with the two Final Exams in the back of the book.

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Product Code: 11PQ
ISBN: 978-1-932685-82-4
Pages: 240
Practice Questions: 2400
Price: $43.00 $10.00

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