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Code & Safety

2011 General Requirements, Circuits and Protection, Articles 90-240 DVDs
2011 General Requirements Circuits and Protection Articles 90 285 Excluding 250 220 DVD - 11NCDVD1

This program covers Electrical Installations such as splices, terminals, working space, interruption rating, mechanical execution of work access, and guarding. Use and identification of the grounded (neutral) conductor and branch circuits, such as circuit rating, location of receptacles, switches and lights, branch circuits, feeders, outside wiring and services, conductor sizing and protection, equipment and disconnection means, overcurrent protection general rules, location, and enclosures.

This book was extracted from the full textbook titled, Illustrated Guide to Understanding the National Electrical Code. Includes two 4-hour DVDs and textbook.


Product Code: 11NCDVD1
Price: $210.00


Article 220 is not covered in General Requirements as it is very technical and would require an additional 4 DVDs to cover the requirements of this article.

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