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EXAM PREPARATION CLIPS - Videos are based on the US Standard - NFPA 70 National Electrical Code

A Wife's Perspective (5min:57sec) 2011
How to Prepare for the Exam (15min:15sec) 2011
Air-Conditioner Circuit Sizing 440.4(B) (4min:17sec) 2014
Conductor Ampacity Correction and Adjustment 310.15 (42min:02sec) 2014
Conductor Insulation Details Table 310.104 (20min:30sec) 2014
Conductor Sizing Based on Terminal Rating 110.14(C) (18min:56sec) 2014
Dwelling Unit Optional Load Calculation Example 220.82 (10min:58sec) 2014
Feeder Taps 240.21(B)(1) (13min:22sec) 2011
Fire Pump Motor Circuits v695.6(B) (13min:59sec) 2014
Motor Branch Conductor Sizing 430.22(A) (24min:57sec) 2014
Motor Branch Short-Circuit and Ground-Fault Protection 430.52 (26min:57sec) 2014
Motor Full Load Current (FLC) 430.6(A)(1) (12min:12sec) 2014
Motor Nameplate Full Load Amperes (FLA) 430.6(A)(2) (19min:23sec) 2014
Multifamily Optional Load Calculation 220.84 (9min:13sec) 2014
Outlet Box Sizing 314.16(A) (14min:44sec) 2014
Pull Box Sizing 314.28 (7min:49sec) 2014
Purpose of System and Equipment Grounding (13min:48sec) 2014
Raceway Sizing 300.17 and Annex (13min:20sec) 2014
Receptacles, Number on a Commercial Circuit 220.14(I) (3min:20sec) 2014
Receptacles, Number on a Dwelling Circuit 220.14(I) (4min:39sec) 2014
Transformer Secondary Conductor Sizing 240.21(C) (8min:51sec) 2014
Transformers - Understanding Delta/Delta Connections (26min:36sec) 2014
Transformers - Understanding Delta/Wye Connections (12min:11sec) 2014
Voltage Drop 210.19(A)(1) (7min:06sec) 2014
Voltage Drop, Conductor Size Example (11min:42sec) 2014