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Electrical Fundamentals and Basic Electricity DVD

 DVD Program
 $109.00 In this program you’ll learn the basics involving matter, electrons, magnetism, electricity, electromagnetism, uses of electromagnetism, the electrical circuit, math, and electrical formulas. You’ll also learn about the most important materials u... More Info
Electrical Circuits, Systems, and Protection DVD

 DVD Program
 $109.00 This program covers series circuits, parallel circuits, series-parallel circuits, multiwire circuits, the electrical system, and protection devices. You’ll learn how a fuse differs from a circuit breaker, how to select a circuit breaker, and what m... More Info
Alternating Current, Motors, Generators,and Transformers DVD

 DVD Program
 $109.00 This program covers alternating current, capacitance, induction, power factor and efficiency, motors, generators, and transformers. You’ll learn where alternating current comes from and why it’s used. You’ll gain solid understanding of motor ba... More Info
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