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2014 Ultimate Training Library with DVDs

2014 Ultimate Training Library with DVDs - 14UTPD

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The Ultimate Training Library is your complete toolbox for electrical training. This best-selling program covers everything you need to know in the areas of Theory, the National Electrical Code, and Electrical Calculations. It's an effective tool for teaching new employees the Code, preparing for a state or county electrical exam, updating your team on the Code changes, or reviewing concepts important to every electrical worker. Whether you use this for In-House Training or as a personal development tool this library will give you the edge for your business, and your career.

This library includes:

Basic Electrical Theory textbook
• Electrical Fundamentals and Basic Electricity DVD
• Electrical Circuits, Systems, and Protection DVD
• Alternating Current, Motors, Generators, and Transformers DVD

Understanding Basic Motor Controls textbook
• Understanding Basic Motor Controls (2) DVDs
Understanding the NEC Volume 1 textbook
Understanding the NEC Volume 1 Workbook
Understanding the NEC Volume 2 textbook
The Essential Safety Rules to the NEC textbook
Grounding Vs. Bonding Textbook
Power Quality textbook
• General Requirements Art. 90 - 110 DVD
• Wiring and Protection Art. 200 - 285 DVD
• Grounding Vs. Bonding Art. 250 (2) DVDs
• Wiring Methods and Materials Art. 300 - 393 (2) DVDs
• Equipment for General Use Art. 400 - 450 DVD
• Special Occupancies Art. 500 - 590 DVD
• Special Equipment Art. 600 - 702 DVD
• Limited Energy and Communication Systems Art. 725 - 820 DVD
• Grounding Vs. Bonding MP3 Download
• Grounding vs. Bonding Online Course
Understanding NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic Systems textbook
Solar Photovoltaic Systems (2) DVDs
• Solar Photovoltaic Systems MP3 Download
• Solar Photovoltaic Systems Online Course
Changes to the NEC textbook
Changes to the NEC (2) DVDs
• Changes to the NEC MP3 Download
• Changes to the NEC Online Course

Exam Preparation textbook
Journeyman Simulated Exam Workbook
Master/Contractor Simulated Exam Workbook
Raceway and Box Calculations DVD
Conductor Sizing and Protection Calculations DVD
Motor and Air-Conditioning Calculations DVD
Voltage-Drop Calculations DVD
Dwelling Unit Calculations DVD
Multifamily Dwelling Calculations DVD
Commercial Calculations DVD
Transformer Calculations DVD

Electrical Formulas with Sample Calculations textbook
Electrical Estimating textbook
Electrical Estimating (3) DVDs
Understanding Electrical Estimating Software Bonus DVD

Business Management Skills Workbook


Product Code: 14UTPD
ISBN: 978-0-9912605-8-4
Price: $1750.00

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