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March 11, 2024
I was please with everything, and I have used your products to pass the California JW exam and recently to pass my Washington Admin and Journeyman's. This quality and value of this product is a 10! I would recommend this to a friend. 

Dannie E. 
March 3, 2024
I passed my CA electrician exam the first time thanks to Mike Holt! 
Jim Gbe
February 28, 2024
All of the products are great, I believe the videos are the best teaching tools anyone could use to study for an exam. 
Lance Demeo
February 5, 2024
Mike Holt Enterprises always provides great service and products. The graphics in the books are great! 
Edward Carll
January 13, 2024
Mike's work in the electrical industry to simplify complex issues stands alone and apart from everyone else. His work will be around for a very long time. Money very well spent; this is great value. I just passed my NABCEP exam, based in part on studying the solar content. 

Thanks to the Team!
Ray Gillette
January 4, 2024
In the past I purchased Mike's course to study for my Master's Exam and I cannot praise his content enough! I would have been at a lost if I was to study that content on my own. Since I have passed my Master's Exam, I am looking to purchase more of his content.
Kamen Lucado
October 12, 2023
The Exam Prep books are exactly what I need to keep my knowledge up to date. The references in these books are excellent for doing that.
Angela D Paterna
September 29, 2023
When it comes to Mike Holt you can feel it's not about the money. It's about the quality and dedication to the electrical industry. Thank you for that.

Your organization has helped me boost my electrical career by far and I am very grateful for the experience with Mike Holt Enterprises.
Paul Short
September 15, 2023
I passed the Massachusetts test the first shot with your materials. 
T. Melone
September 5, 2023
I recently took the North Carolina State Electrical Contractors examine and unfortunately did not pass on my first attempt but, with this material and all the practice questions that are very similar to those asked on the exam I am confident I will succeed on my next attempt. I am very thankful for this team of educated individuals to provide this exceptional material.
Zachary Melton
August 28, 2023
Took my code test this morning...& SMOKED IT!

Love you guys, thank you for being you. All the material is great! 

Matthew Hiatt
August 16, 2023
Mike gives a better understanding of code items that are not always clear from just reading the NEC without commentary. 

Keep doing what you are doing - it is a good service and quality product. 

David Morrow
August 11, 2023
I was most pleased with the customer service and the great product. The illustrations and text are wonderful and really seem to help my younger guys.
Michael Crowley
August 8, 2023
Hey Mike,

I just wanted to say thank you. I went over your whole course a few times and I smoked my test. I am so grateful words can't describe. Thank you so much again.


Jason Sak
July 27, 2023

I loved the books for the illustrations and commentary! I was pleased with how quickly I received them.

Scott Staley
July 26, 2023
I thought it would be grueling studying for my exam, but after taking your courses I realized that it was uplifting and exciting.
Gary H.
July 24, 2023

You guys were great!! I passed two separate exams in NC thanks to this material!! I was very successful in passing my exams. I took a two-day class in Raliegh NC as well. That class used MIKE HOLT materials and I was ahead of the game there as well! Can't thank you guys enough. I will continue to buy your materials for future knowledge.


Brock Johnson
July 19, 2023
The organization of the programs is easy to use. I passed my NJ electrical contractor exam in one shot using Mike Holt products.
Humberto Nieves
July 14, 2023

The books are the best in the industry. I'm happy with everything.

Phillip Cunningham
June 26, 2023
I want to take a small amount of my time and thank Dennis Blair, who is the Senior Electrical Inspector for my jurisdiction, (and one of your posted Testimonies) for pushing me to use Mike Holt's Inspector package to prepare for the E2 test. I am a 2nd Generation General Contractor who decided to go into Code Enforcement in 2006 when my father retired. My knowledge of the NEC and my Electrical experience was limited. It was important to me not to just pass a test, but to understand why the NEC was written and respect the inherent dangers and responsibility we all have in the industry to protect life and property. Once I completed the 2020 program, I passed my E2 with ease on the first attempt. This program made me feel as if I personally knew Mike Holt and every one of the experts on his panel. I cannot say how thankful I am to my Co-Worker, Mike Holt, and to God that I was able to have this opportunity. I am now watching the program for the second time and I'm still learning. Mike, please continue doing what you do so that people will have the ability to learn from you and your team! I know that I will be a better Inspector, thanks to you!
Victor Woods, II
June 15, 2023

Easy to find what I wanted, good quality, easy checkout, and quick shipping.

Rick Jeffreys
May 16, 2023

The detail that Mike and his team put into his videos is immaculate. They really know their stuff. I passed my Master electrician exam in Texas on my first try after studying with this material. I am currently making my way through the electrical fundamentals and changes to the 2023 NEC. Not only will this help you pass any electrical test, but it will make you one of the most knowledgeable electricians and shape you to be a future leader in the electrical industry. Lifetime customer right here! The material is good & the customer service is top notch.

Nathan Stebbins
May 1, 2023
I have been using Mike Holt's books for many years and have always been satisfied with the books and videos. Thank you, Mike Holt Team! God Bless.

Zdzislaw Pekala
April 27, 2023

I am a 68-year-old man who has now taken my test for the second time. The first time was in 2020 for my Master electricians license in Oklahoma. I was thankful to pass it that first time with good training from your site, and now I have passed it a second time in 2023. I finished my electrical apprenticeship in 1980 and have been blessed to have this trade in my life. I knew I could count on your high quality and was thankful to receive the Codebook in a timely manner with the exceptional tabs for the new Code book. It is wonderful that men of integrity like Mike Holt and others have led electricians for many years to be trained in this most important trait, thanks again!

Jim Cassidy
April 18, 2023

Hi Mike! I passed my test in January in Texas with a 92! My old Journeyman would always make fun of me because I spent $ on a Mike Holt course. After I passed, and he saw my score, he said “maybe there is something to the course that you bought."

Kendrick Martinez
April 18, 2023

I just want to say thank you to Mike Holt and all the other people that put in a lot of work making these videos. I have a learning disability, and it's very hard for me to understand the Code book. You helped me get through it and understand it. I will be taking my Journeyman test soon and your Exam preparation is helping a lot. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Ryan Kay
April 18, 2023

I always love your material, Mike. You are always elevating the industry!

Willie Snyder
April 18, 2023

I’m using your program to study for my Journeyman Electrical Contractor exam. I went through your Theory, Bonding & Grounding, Understanding the NEC Volumes 1&2, and just started the Calculations program. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing by helping people and making the industry better as a whole in multiple aspects. You’ve put together an amazing team with Eric, Brian, Mario, and everyone else. You guys really are the best in the business. So, THANK YOU GUYS!
P.S. You guys are looking just as good as in the theory videos recorded 20 years ago. Ha-ha!

Michael Szymanek
April 18, 2023

It's incredible, valuable information...

Graeme Andrews
April 18, 2023
Amazing job! The more I listen to you guys, the more I learn. Thanks
Doug Hurtado
April 18, 2023

Wow. Awesome program, presentation, and collective effort as a whole. What a crew. Thank you, guys!

Michael Szymanek
April 18, 2023

Great - informative and entertaining - thank you all!

Lloyd Hoffstatter
April 14, 2023

Excellent service and products. I really appreciate Mike Holt and his team's contributions to the industry over the years. Thank you so much!


April 12, 2023

Attention to details, and the clearly illustrated explanations are great. Passed my master test on the 1st try. Thanks for the help!

Jeremy Stookey
April 3, 2023
Passed my South Dakota Contractor test today with help from your Master Exam Prep book and DVDs. Thank you, to all of you, for all you do!
Colton Fawcett
March 25, 2023

Hi there. I promised myself when it happened, I would contact you guys first. Thanks to your entire team, I’m now a licensed E2 journeyman… God is Good.

Korie Martin
February 9, 2023
The Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are stellar. Great customer service and follow-up. They are personable, friendly and I feel like a valued customer. The response time with e-mailed questions is great. I could not locate a desired item, the CSR called with the item(s) already located and an order ready to go, making the entire experience seamless. PERFECT! I have CSRs and I can only hope that they handle our customers as well as your team. Friendly, attentive, listened to the order, verified the order verbally, very personable and took their time with me.
Daniel Favata
February 7, 2023
The person that waited on me was very professional. She seemed to enjoy her job, was very respectful, and efficient.
Tom Kelly
December 15, 2022

The way you guys explain every single topic is very easy to understand. It helped me a lot to pass my VA Journeyman exam.

William Diaz
December 7, 2022

What pleases me the most was how sincere and thoughtful Mike was to me. I got injured at work and Mike went out of his way to make sure to contact me directly and allow me to further educate myself in the electrical field! This team of people that work here are just amazing!


Trevor Coates
December 4, 2022

I was pleased the most with the quick turnaround time that I received my books. Keep doing what you're doing!


Jim Decker
November 28, 2022

I am pleased with the attention to detail and the high quality of the materials included in the courses. This is why Mike Holt has been my only choice in training materials for the last 30 years of my electrical career.

Mark Hall
November 22, 2022

Every time I call, Angela Willcox picks up the phone. She is such pleasant and nice voice to be greeted by. I'm just a guy trying to be something more than I am today. When I call to purchase new products, I know I'm making the right choice with Mike Holt. I passed my masters exam on the first try using Mike Holt's study material. Now I try to coach others in exam prep, electrical work, work place safety, and just managing a better quality of life. I want to say thanks to not only Mike, but the "WHOLE" team. Thank you for all your time that you all put into these lessons.


Bryson Brown
October 29, 2022

Fast shipping. Received my materials in a very fast period. Thanks for everything.

Jereme Willitts
October 29, 2022

Fast shipping. Received my materials in a very fast period. Thanks for everything.

Jereme Willitts
October 14, 2022

Very professional, outstanding customer service, and high quality products.

Donald Pippins
October 6, 2022

The level of Professionalism at Mike Hole Enterprises is Top Notch! It is great to deal with your organization, as the material is always high quality and challenging, and it helps everybody in our industry become a better professional all around. Just keep doing what you do!


Greg Gniewkowski
October 6, 2022

Mike, I’m currently going though your Exam Prep course and books, and I must say, you have a gift sir. I can't imagine trying to explain the code book to ANYONE. However, you do a fantastic job. I’ve been an Electrician for 27 years. I took the test 2 times and failed both. Well now I have your resources and feel ALMOST ready sir. So, thank you and your staff, for all the hard work.


Brock Johnson
September 20, 2022

Hands down, Mr. Holt and his peers provide the most up-to-date information available in the industry. Mr. Holt's books are thorough and to the point. He and his team have put together comprehensive videos loaded with knowledge! I will make future purchases with Holt Enterprises as newer revisions become available.

Kamen Lucado
September 17, 2022

Personalized service, easy to talk to, and a real person always ready to help.

Rene Chirino
September 7, 2022

The responsiveness of your organization is the best I have ever seen. I recommend your products to everyone who shows interest in the electrical trade. You have the right formula, don't change.


Sean Nelson
August 25, 2022
The quality of the products and information are top tier! I was shown Mike’s program when I went through my apprenticeship and passed my Journeyman test the first time in Rhode Island. I have now purchased the materials to study for my Masters, out of pocket, because I have faith in the program. I also respect and appreciate Mike’s attitude towards the trade, and life in general!
Evan Carey
August 24, 2022

I was most pleased with the ease of putting the tabs in my book and the quality of the tabs.

Michael Young
August 16, 2022

The quality of the products and information are top tier! I was shown Mike’s program when I went through my apprenticeship and passed my Journeyman test the first time in Rhode Island. I have now purchased the materials to study for my Masters, out of pocket, because I have faith in the program. I also respect and appreciate Mike’s attitude towards the trade and life in general!


Evan Carey
August 6, 2022

Customer service is great and the products were phenomenal.

Dalton Caldwell
August 3, 2022

Fast and very pleasant customer service.

Justin Holland
July 27, 2022

What a pleasure to do business with an organization that focuses on the customer. From the website to placing my order, everything was easy. All my questions were answered. Thanks for being available via phone and email.

Greg Batz
July 7, 2022

Friendly staff, and the material is easy to navigate and very informative.

Brandon Barney
June 24, 2022

Your firm is the best in the business! Always professional and always prompt.

Jamie Carmode
June 14, 2022

Thanks for the Help Angela. I passed the Kentucky exam. Now for North Carolina. I absolutely couldn't do it without the videos and study books. Thanks again.  

Jason Ballew
May 20, 2022

Excellent training materials…very clear explanations and graphics. Very easy-to-use website.

Michael Argo
May 11, 2022

I was most pleased with the ease of ordering and the additional offers and tools that came with the order!

Travis Thibeau
March 2, 2022
Mike Holt Enterprises offers amazing Educational Videos. I used the entire 2008 DVD and textbook collection to pass the Journeyman License Exam. Then when I moved to another state, I used the entire 2014 DVD and textbook collection to pass the Journeyman License Exam once again. I used the 2017 NEC Code changes DVD library when we adopted the 2017 Code. The product and website are phenomenal. Electrical Theory is my favorite.
January 22, 2022

I was most pleased with how fast I received my order.

January 17, 2022

High quality materials and the experts used on the videos keep bringing me back each code cycle. Their insights and references to other standards show how the system is linked. Knowing how to find code answers and passing this education to others by actually pulling up the standard and reading it together has made me a great resource for my company.

Eric Muscott
December 16, 2021

I've been using Mike Holt products for over fifteen years. Very satisfied. I recommend the products to my employees regularly.

Gary Williams
December 11, 2021

I was most pleased with the speed at which I got my order. Just keep doing what you are doing...a great job!!!

Brian Mader
December 2, 2021

Your customer service was amazing, thank you very much!

Eddie West
November 15, 2021

To the Mike Holt Team, I would like to thank your entire team for the fantastic products that you produce. With the help of your exam prep course, I was able to pass my electrical license test on the first attempt! Your products are extremely easy to use and to understand.

Jake Harrell
October 2, 2021

Your team is very responsive and easy to work with, I felt like I was dealing with friends.

Roger Hankins
September 30, 2021

Mike Holt is the best! The depth and breadth of the information shown throughout the Ultimate Training Library was amazing, I am truly a better engineer for going through all of the lessons.

Erskine Matthews
September 28, 2021

Ilene is awesome! She helped me with ordering the 2020 Ultimate Training Library package, which is also AWESOME! She was very friendly, knowledgeable, and great to visit with. I felt that I was joining a family, and not just buying a program hoping that it would work. Thank you!

Donovan Kay
September 12, 2021

It is very easy to watch and follow Mike Holt's videos. Most classes are dry and hard to stay awake for, this is not the case for your product! I was actually surprised at how much time had passed the first time, I didn't know how long I had watched - turned out it was 1.5 hours that felt like 15 minutes!

Matt Schantz
August 27, 2021

You've really exceeded my expectations in every way! I have tried other training materials, which resulted in wasted time and money, but your company and products have gone above and beyond anything I could have asked for - I am so glad I found you!

Scotty Elberson
August 25, 2021

Your material was just what I was looking for - it helped me pass the Journeyman test without any problems, thank you!

Daniel Quezada
August 16, 2021

Continue to do what you are doing! Your books help me to gain a better understanding, not just memorizing the information.

Ubaldo Reyes
July 18, 2021
I love your products and how well Mike Holt explains and uses visuals for additional understanding.

Kyle Scantlin
July 18, 2021

I have just started the Basic Electrical Theory part of the Ultimate Training Library program, it's really refreshing my memory and I'm learning even more. The book is definitely set up to make learning easier!

Michael Dutoit
July 16, 2021

The material covered in the course is amazingly detailed, well prepared and very beneficial to ANYONE in the industry. The graphics and textbooks are very thorough, yet so easy to understand. All of the home study material provide a huge value for the price. Incredibly, Mike is able to disseminate the National Electrical Code into bite size information that anyone committed and eager to learn can understand; anyone! Mike and his great team provide extraordinary background, real life examples and honest experience (the good, the bad and even costly mistakes they’ve learned throughout their careers) in a way that no other team could put together. I truly believe that the knowledge, expertise and entire information shared in each video and chapter are just priceless. Mr. Holt is an amazing leader, very knowledgeable and a highly effective communicator. His team is second to none, and they provide a beautiful extension of Mike’s expertise and commitment to excellency in the industry. Their mission to instruct future leader is commendable. No cutting corners anywhere.

The practice exams and challenge tests motivated me to think outside the box, from a test taking perspective and workout the problems step by step in preparation for the examination. However, the coarse is definitely not made for just passing the state exam. It is so much more than that.  The books and practice workbooks are perfect for the everyday electrician who may have stumbled upon an opportunity and can turn it into a long-lasting, professional and highly productive career. Your father’s dedication to help others to become skilled and professional individuals is not just admirable, but infectious. Every time I started and finished a CD, I just knew I’d learn so much. In fact, every time I got anxious during the course of the studies, as I would approach my areas of weaknesses, I just knew that I would understand in the end, no matter how many times I had to play back the video or pause will it was running. I was coached through conductor sizing, grounding and bonding, sizing motors and motor protection and everything in between. If I can do it, anyone can! 100% guaranteed.

Megy M
July 12, 2021

Mike's material will change your life, it definitely changed mine! I got a 97 on the Texas Journeyman test 2 months ago, I only missed 2 questions. Get his material if you want to win.

Russell Perkins
July 9, 2021

I appreciate the thoroughness of your material that I have reviewed in the first two Theory DVDs so far. I was also VERY impressed with your Education Specialist, Ilene Levy - she answered all my questions and was EXTREMELY helpful! Your materials are well worth the money!

William Todd
June 1, 2021

Thank you Mike for the countless hours you have put into your training materials. I bought your Ultimate Library last year and passed the Wyoming Master's Exam last week. I appreciate your dedication and passion for your craft, it has sharpened me!

Quintin LeClercq
March 19, 2021

I'm glad I made the decision to buy your Journeyman exam prep books! These books are not just for exam prep, it’s like a full course too – it's what every electrician needs before taking their exam and it's worth every penny!

Rafael Coda
November 11, 2020

I passed my Journeyman exam with Mike Holt products, and now I am working on my Masters. I've been studying Mike Holt lectures since I was a second year apprentice. Mike has all kinds of valuable information on YouTube, whether it be Code requirements or tips to the trade. I've used a lot of different paid study materials, and Mike's is by far the easiest to understand, and has the most impactful knowledge that will stick with you. Let's be honest, the Code book can be very cut and dry; but Mike always seems to make it come to life with the illustrations that will keep you interested with every lesson. I can say with certainty that I wouldn't be half the electrician I am today without Mike's help (and his whole team), thank you all for being so devoted!

Jordan Clayton
September 18, 2020

I am not an electrician, but a Code Inspector for several cities. I thought I had a basic understanding of electrical, but I was way off. Going through the Theory and different modules made me a better inspector. I was able to pass the ICC E1 & E2 exams. These are great for non-electricians to understand the Theory and Code. Thank you!

Darron J. Ray
August 30, 2020

I must thank you and your team once again. I passed my Idaho Master exam back in January, and now I just passed my Oregon General Supervisor Master exam. Thanks again for your excellent Exam Prep materials!

Greg Gagnon
August 27, 2020

I would like to thank Mike and his staff for all the information available on their website. I recently took the Georgia Class 2 Unrestricted Electrical Contractors exam and passed. I give credit to Mike Holt because I watched many hours of his videos in the weeks leading up to the exam, and I passed with no problem. I felt very confident going into the exam after reviewing all his material. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and this industry. When I am asked about how to prep for an electrical exam or just better understanding of NEC, electrical theory, or calculations, I always say go to MikeHolt.com.

Kyle Bennett
August 16, 2020

Picking up the phone and talking to a live person is great.  I would recommend your company to anyone that employs electricians.

Tim Bare
August 16, 2020

I was most pleased with the quick response, quick shipping and overall great products. In the electrical industry, it is difficult to get someone to slow down long enough to teach difficult concepts like those found in the NEC. The NEC code teaching tools I've used from Mike have been AWESOME in helping me grow in my professional journey as an electrical estimator.


Adam Woloszyn
August 12, 2020

Amazing and wonderful customer service!!

Nanette McClintock
August 12, 2020

I would like to express my gratitude for your informative resources that have helped me along this journey to further my career as a future leader in the electrical industry. I have used your material for my ICC Journeyman's license in 2005 for New Orleans, my ICC Master"s license in 2017 for New Orleans, my ICC Master's license in 2018 for Natchez, MS, and my most recent Louisiana State NASCLA Master electrical License for 2020.  I plan on taking and passing at least one exam per year for other jurisdictions and ultimately plan on becoming an instructor.  Thanks again for all your help.    

Jeremy C. Ewing
August 11, 2020

I was pleased with the follow up and the quick response.

Harry Wheeler
August 10, 2020

I bought the full 2017 DVD and textbook set to study for my Texas Masters license. It worked wonders for me!! I passed the first time taking it!! That set was so helpful. Mike Holt and all the guys involved in making those put things into such great perspectives. Makes it very easy to understand and pick up what is being taught. I couldn't of done it without that set. Thanks for everything!!! 

James Brock
August 4, 2020

The answers to the tests always refer to an NEC code reference to back up the answers, where other study material I have seen just gives you the answers. All of the study material is very professionally illustrated.

Kent Rivers
August 4, 2020

What a true Blessing from above! I wanted to thank Mike and all of the Mike Holt Team, including you, for dedicating his Life to further educating this electrical industry in such a professional manner. I now hold my State of Alaska Electrical Administrators, State of Washington, and finally, the State of Montana Masters Electrical License. I wanted to take a brief moment to send Mr. Holt a personal big "Thank You", for his dedication to this industry. His study DVD's were big influence on passing these exams. Of course, for me personally, I give credit to the Lord above for giving me the ability to do what I do to the fullest, while trying to be a blessing to others along the way. Please pass on my gratitude to him if you would! "Thanks" Angela! 

Best Regards,

Kent Rivers
August 1, 2020

Everyone that I spoke with was super friendly and knowledgeable with all materials. Follow-up calls show that you care. What pleased me most were the study materials. If you have the will, Mike Holt Enterprises can show you the way. I am not the sit-around-in-class kind of guy. The DVD's were the tools for me. No pressure, just my time (when I have it). They kept my attention without "drifting off into neverland" like others that I tried. Now that I passed my local state electrical contractors exam with your help on the first try, I am confident and excited to pursue the other states around me. Thanks to everyone at Mike Holt Enterprises. 

Phillip A.
July 29, 2020
I wanted to take the time to thank Jeff and Ilene for all the assistance and helping me pick out the best products for my situation. I also wanted to thank Mike Holt directly, I have been a long time customer and he has helped me out so much in my knowledge, confidence in the electrical industry and my career.  

I faced an immensely stressful situation earlier this year dealing with the loss of my father. He was the founder and license holder for our family company. I knew the exam to acquire this license was closed book and exceedingly difficult, seeing the very low pass rate did not help. To make matters worse, I needed to pass it on the first attempt. It was a lot to deal with at one time, but I relied on the same source who got me my other Master Electrical Licenses...Mike Holt Enterprises. After roughly 2 months of studying I succeeded and passed the exam on my first attempt! I am still in disbelief. 

I also wanted to write this testimonial to anyone out there looking to better themselves. With the right tools anything is possible. I have never spent one day in electrical trade school. Everything I have learned about the NEC and the knowledge necessary to pass a Master Electricians test has come from Mike Holt. He gives you all the tools you need. It is not easy, and you must put in the time. I spent about 200 hours studying for this most recent exam. I hold many Master Electrical Licenses throughout other jurisdictions and have passed every single examination the first time.

Joseph Zambetti
July 26, 2020

Great products from a company that treats people right. I also love the fact that Mike Holt is not ashamed to let people know that he serves the Lord. Keep doing what you are doing.

Chris Thompson
July 26, 2020

I was most pleased with the material content. It works great for a reference or study material.

Timothy Shaker
July 23, 2020

Great products, Mike Holt explains it very well. I live in Colombia and the books got here in great shape.

Luis Lozano
July 21, 2020

Hi, my name is Zachary. I work in Huntsville Alabama. I started my career in High School, attending technical school, where I was able to win the State competition. I won a scholarship for my two year electrical degree. I started my schooling in 1990 and have remained in the field until the present. I just wanted to say I love learning from Mike. His form and passion for teaching has inspired me very much. I live in Guntersville Alabama, so I listen to Mike's videos to and from work everyday. Also, I read his books and watch his videos at night and on the weekends...it’s become my hobby. I just wanted Mike to know that he’s done an amazing job and has inspired many people. God bless.


Zachary S.
July 20, 2020

Helpful and friendly customer service.

Evelyn Sanchez
July 11, 2020

Just a note of thanks to the entire Mike Holt organization for the awesome products you provide. I currently hold a Journeyman and Masters License in the state of Vermont, but I needed to obtain a Masters License in New Hampshire, in order to reciprocate with Massachusetts The exam prep books/practice tests/answer keys were an absolutely essential resource in my preparation strategy. I crammed for 5 days prior to the test, and needless to say, passed the exam. In fact, I pulled off the entire 5 hr. test (125 questions) in just 4 hrs. My sincere kudos to You, Mike, and all your Staff for providing such high quality educational resources. IT WAS WORTH EVERY CENT!

MJ Tortorella
July 8, 2020

I am most pleased with your commitment to improving the lives of others.

Fidel Castro Baez
July 3, 2020

I stumbled upon Mike Holt's videos on YouTube. He is truly an inspiration to me. I've been in the electrical field for right at twenty years. I completed a five-year apprenticeship years ago. Now I'm a journey wireman working in the aerospace industry. While watching one of Mike's videos, he mentioned a particular book for which I feel forever indebted to him.  I thought at the time; I'll order this book and just see what he's talking about, with the anticipation that I probably wouldn't like it, and I doubted that I would ever finish it. Was I ever wrong. The Slight Edge has forever changed my life, thought processes, health and even more, the motivation to further my education in studying to take my Master Electrical Contractors test. Thank you Mike!  Hope all is well. Best regards and God bless you and your family.

Phillip Brown
July 3, 2020

Good morning,,, When in panic Pray.. That’s what I did,, Next thing I know I am guided to Mike Holt's website. There I met Mr. Hutchings, he is a gift from GOD., with his help and guidance I got to meet the Mike Holt's Code Forum wizards. With all of the things that Mr. Holt has and Mr. Hutchings help, I passed my test the first time. Now I have a great Job with a major Hospital in Miami. This is all because Mr. Holt dedicates his work to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you!!


Reynaldo Rivera
July 2, 2020

Thanks to Mike Holt and all of you for helping me reach my goal of California Commercial Electrical Inspector through ICC. I couldn’t have done it without your materials.

Ed Milam
June 26, 2020

Thank you Mike! With your Journeyman program I just got my Tennessee electric license. Thank you and god bless you!!!


Logan Pritchard
June 19, 2020

I can only say good things about the customer service I received and the quality of the product. I'm 100% pleased with everything.

Russell Perkins
June 19, 2020

I was pleased with the quickness of delivery after ordering.

Roy Adkins
June 19, 2020

Thorough explanations and user-friendly graphics make Mike Holt the standout.


Jeremy Smithson
June 3, 2020

A genuine feeling of honesty and integrity...

Sean Sarras
June 2, 2020

Very friendly and helpful staff whenever I have called or emailed.

Jason Stover
June 2, 2020

Reasonably priced. Hassle free. Books were very detailed and easy to follow. Definitely learned a lot that I could apply to my job as an electrician

Tim Moreira
June 2, 2020
Easy access to information and products. The website is professionally done and easy to navigate. 

Terrance Spruill
May 29, 2020

Great and very accurate information.

Felipe Gonthier
May 22, 2020

You are my go-to resource.

John Hartnett
May 22, 2020

You are a great, giving, knowledgeable company. 

Ron Nicholson
May 14, 2020

Your products are wonderful and extremely helpful. Through your text books, videos, and a few other resources I have been able to get my Journeyman’s card and then my Masters card. Here in Nevada you don’t currently have to go to school to get a card, but when people ask about my training, I tell them I studied a renowned resource’s guide in the electrical field. If other people ask me for resources I always point them to your company because your products are on point, thank you.

Jonas Newell
May 13, 2020
Excellent material that makes it easy to understand the code. Material was exactly what I needed to pass my exams.

Josue Gonzalez
May 12, 2020

I was most pleased with the quality of the content and the material. You folks are awesome.

Phillip Carter
May 6, 2020

Outstanding service.

Philip Chapman
May 1, 2020

Mike Holt has always done a great job teaching electrical basics and how it relates to the current NEC.

Bill Snyder
May 1, 2020

I have used your products in the past and have always been pleased with the product, availability, cost etc. Mike Holt Enterprises is the first name I think of when I need anything related to learning in our field.


Patrick Choquette
April 23, 2020

Without Mike Holt, I would not have passed the test 10 years ago, so any of you new guys that want to know the code, here is your man!!! The best...hands down...

Michael Carpenter
April 14, 2020

For years I have been using your products. The one I am going through now is "Understanding NEC Requirements for Bonding and Grounding" 2020.  I especially appreciate the "Electrical Fundamentals and Theory" portion at the beginning. I graduated from high school in 1972 and started working for an electrical contractor in 1974!! I can't believe I have actually been in the trade for 46 years!! Where does the time go? No wonder James 4:14 tells us life is but a vapor! I simply want to express my appreciation for your work, time and the skill that you put into your books. They are so helpful in explaining everything and are very detailed. I continue to learn even at 65 years old! The photos and "Authors Comments" are worth their weight in gold. Grounding and Bonding have always been one of the most difficult topics. Your materials make it enjoyable and exciting to learn. No doubt because Mr. Holt has given the glory to GOD and sought the LORD for wisdom. It is evident in the material!!       

Bill Silvey
April 8, 2020

This is the first time that I have ordered from you guys. I have heard good things about your products and to my understanding, you guys are the best in the industry to help electricians stay educated and informed. Thank you Mike and team.

Nestor Sanchez
April 1, 2020

Your organization gave me the inspiration to become a leader in the trade and duplicate what you guys are doing on a smaller scale, developing  servant  leaders for the future of our country.


Erik Nilsen
March 27, 2020

I was most pleased with the quality of the product and helpfulness of the staff.


Paul Larsen
March 26, 2020

I purchased the Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library Test Prep. I am about through the first book and 3 DVDs. So far it seems very organized and easy to follow. The Mike Holt organization seems to care about the products and the users. Not just a blank corporate face. This is my first experience with you guys and I hope to order some other material after I hopefully pass my Masters test in PA. 

March 25, 2020

Your products have always been great. I look up Mike Holt comments whenever I have an electrical question about an electrical procedure.


Robert Bonjour
March 18, 2020

I bought the Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library Exam Prep Kit a few Months ago, and as of today, passed my South Carolina Electrical Contractors exam from PSI. I have only 4 years of electrical field experience, but 2 months of study with your product helped me to understand the necessities of the modern electrical contractor. 

Alex Smith
March 15, 2020

I have watched every video that Mike Holt has made. I've been in the electrical trade for more than 45 years, and have studied bonding and grounding for most of my time in the trade. There is no one better than Mike Holt. If you as a young person want to learn the trade, then you need to take Mr. Holt's courses, There are none better. If you apply yourself, I assure you, you'll pass every test that you study for. I often find myself reviewing his videos. To learn and understand the NEC Code book is the key to you becoming a good electrician. I have been to many schools and classes, but no one has taught me more than Mike Holt and his system of electrical training.

Charlie Collier
March 7, 2020

Easy communication, understandable.

Sheulee Akter
March 5, 2020

Most up to date resources and training out there.

Noel R. Pizana
March 3, 2020

I'm an Electrical Engineer and Mike Holt is the best source I know of for Understanding the NEC. The descriptions and illustrations in his books are top notch.

Matt James Uzzell
March 2, 2020

High quality content. Mike makes everything easy and clear to understand! Best teacher of anything electrical, hands down!

Jason Furgason
February 26, 2020

Best resource for code application, interpretation and information. 

Tim Spicer
February 25, 2020

I was most pleased with the speed of delivery after ordering and you are always helpful when we have questions or requests.

Jimmy Barber
February 25, 2020
The level of contact through the whole process was superb.

Scott R Robertson
February 22, 2020

High knowledge content & fast shipping.

Jason Caster
February 21, 2020

The books are very informative and well written! I have been using Mike Holt's products for over 10 years now.

Darryl Sykes
February 21, 2020

Your customer service is excellent.

Kevin Bulman
February 11, 2020

I was most pleased that your organization is Christian owned and operated.

Bob Cochran
February 9, 2020

Easy to use website and fast shipping. Thank you.

David Bentley
February 9, 2020

I was most pleased with all of the daily electrical tips and the NEC update.

Alton Tupa
February 6, 2020

Great materials and courteous service.

Bob Ruhe
February 5, 2020

I have used your products for several years for code update and related courses to keep me and my licenses current.  Your team members have been very helpful in selecting the right products to satisfy my multi-state requirement. Thank you all very much.

I am also writing today to make a short story long.  I have thought about sitting for my Master's exam, on and off, several times.  Most likely procrastination got the best of me. Last May (2019) I again started thinking about my Master's license and started looking at the different study materials that you offer.  I was looking at the different options, but couldn't decide which was best for me. In June, I received an email about an offer on your Ultimate Training Package. That was definitely a sign that I needed to get it done. I went through every book, video and test question, and completed all of the materials just before Christmas.  After the holidays, I scheduled a test date and took the exam on 01-30-2020, and passed with a 98%. Thanks again to you and to all of your staff.


January 30, 2020

Mike Holt redefines "Value Added"!


Charles Eddy
January 30, 2020

Having 25 years in the electrical trade I'm finding this material riveting and it's all coming together in great detail. Thank you so much to all of you in the organization for helping us electricians strive to the next level!

Russell Stevenson
January 23, 2020

Excellent customer service, very helpful resources.


Charles Chamulak
January 22, 2020

Easy communication and friendly.

Sheulee Akter
January 16, 2020

I was most pleased with the excellent service and products. 

Tim Oakley
January 15, 2020

The level of professionalism and respect that your company carries itself at is what keeps me close...keep being yourselves.

David Rice
January 7, 2020

Great customer service with getting the correct material sent to me.

Cory Hanneman
January 5, 2020

I know I can count on quality educational material, friendly staff and prompt delivery.

Vinny Colletti
January 4, 2020

I was pleased with the prompt friendly service, speaking to a real person. I also appreciate Mike for sharing his experience, knowledge, and testimony.

Clint Cox
January 4, 2020

Friendly service and an excellent product. I never had any problems and you were easy to get ahold of by phone or email.

Mark Thornton
January 2, 2020

I was most pleased with the prompt courteous service.

Jim Decker
December 29, 2019

Ilene Levy was great, Your products are always the best. Keep up the good work.

Simon Martini
December 21, 2019

I purchased the the Master Exam Book Package sometime back. I studied the materials and then life got in the way. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, a very aggressive form. Through her treatments and surgeries, and a lot of praying for a cure for her, I studied on and off. In March of 2018 I lost my mother. It was single-handedly, the worst day of my life. After that day, I lost interest. It was better than a year and a half before I picked it up again. In June of 2019 I retired from my job of 25 years. While finishing jobs that were neglected at home because of my day job, and after hours of work, September came. I made a promise to myself and to my mother in heaven that I would study and finish the textbooks and workbooks. I finished them and scheduled my test for December 3rd 2019. On test day, I got registered and setup by the instructor. I started and went through the whole test answering the questions I knew right off. Forty-five minutes passed during this time and I had answered 65 questions, only 35 more to go and I’ve got 3 hours and 15 minutes left. I proceeded to finish the 35 questions. I ended my test with 11 minutes left. I gathered my things and the instructor asked me how I did. I said I'm not sure because that’s just me. She tells me that she will have my results in just a few minutes when they email them to her. I’m getting my things out of the locker and she hollers out “yay! You passed! You did good on the test! “ She said, “ That’s a good score for that test” I made an 82. I'm not sure about how good that compares, but it was good enough for me! I can’t thank you guys enough. Great study material! The only thing that was sad about that day is the one person that I wanted to share that I had passed with, I couldn’t. I know she knows though. Thanks again!

Dallas Conger
November 23, 2019

Quality product, great customer service.

David Smashey
November 21, 2019

I was most pleased with the little details and the customer service. Jeff C was awesome.

Leighland Fansler
November 7, 2019

You make it so easy to learn. The DVD's are a must, and of course the books just jump out at you. Keep up the good work.

Ricky Ramirez
October 30, 2019

I was most pleased with the simple ordering, super fast shipping, and the price.

Andrew Martus
October 30, 2019

I always love the customer service experience that I receive when purchasing from Mike Holt. I always receive a call after my purchase to confirm that everything is correct, our field employees love the products.

Ellyn Metzger
October 22, 2019
I was able to pass my Commercial Electrical Inspector test using Mike Holt's Inspector Training Course including; Theory, Understanding the NEC and Grounding and Bonding on DVD. I passed it on my first try. I don't have any electrical background, and Mike's material gave me the confidence to go in and feel great throughout my exam. I highly recommend it to anyone in the electrical industry, thank you Mike Holt and your very friendly staff. I'll be getting more material to take my commercial plans examiner test as well.
Jace Hilton
October 17, 2019

I spoke to Angela who was most helpful and engaging. The checkout process was quick and easy and the delivery of the item purchased was speedy.

Helen Dadiego
September 29, 2019

Night and day compared to my other vendors. I have been trying for a month to talk to my contact at another vendor. Mike Holt takes one call every time and they deliver.

Tim Bare
September 26, 2019
I just passed my Masters Electrical exam on my first try. In fact, it seemed easy. I give all the credit to Mike and his team, they did a great job of teaching me the material. Thank you so much!

Derek West
September 20, 2019

I was most pleased with the ease of use of your website and fast shipping.

Caleb Cole
September 19, 2019

I just completed my Master Electrician exam about 3 hours ago and PASSED. It was my second time taking the test, but the first time after ordering and using your material. I wanted to thank you and your team (especially Brian House). I could not have passed without your products. I seemed to relate to Brian and his stories (admitted mistakes).  Thanks


Michael Schwab
September 7, 2019

I was most pleased with the quality of the product and the quality of your staff...thank you very much for helping me. You've given me all the tools I need to pass my exam. I feel like you're holding my hand. I feel that your team and my family are the only people excited about me passing this Masters Exam...thank you.

Jim Jairell
September 5, 2019

I was most pleased with the knowledge and professionalism of Sherlonda as an employee.

Allen York
September 5, 2019

I was pleased with the friendliness, good communication, and what seems to be a positive attitude all around. Mike really seems to be a great teacher who is passionate about what he's teaching and excited to teach.

Matt Hall
August 8, 2019

I appreciated that if I had any questions, I was able to ask and get a response immediately. Everyone has been more than helpful. Thank you.

Rachel Struthers
August 2, 2019

Always professional, not to mention Mike and his staff are the best teachers/instructors. Keep up the good work.

Andrew McLain
July 31, 2019

The information is laid out clearly and is very easy to comprehend..

Jay A Gutzwiller
July 30, 2019

Excellent material and excellent customer service(*****).

Robert Moore
July 29, 2019

I was most pleased with the efficiency and collective knowledge amongst the whole team, from tutorials to the shipping department it was a pleasurable experience!

Joe Fisher
July 26, 2019

Easy to work with. Customer service is excellent. Keep doing what you are doing.

Corbett Bowen
July 26, 2019

You guys are so helpful and always easy to contact with questions.

Nathan Moran
July 19, 2019

The web site is very easy to use to order items. Delivery was fast. I appreciate the "thank you" that came with my order.

Jeanine Cline
July 11, 2019

So easy to work with. Don't change anything!

Walter Timpson
July 10, 2019

I was most pleased with the organization, the accuracy of the products and the knowledge that comes with it. Keep up the hard work and keep on just like you've been doing =). Thank you so much Mike Holt and team!!!!

Jace Hilton
July 5, 2019

The whole experience was great. You guys go above and beyond. 

Carlos Perez
June 29, 2019

I am most pleased with the overall professional way you all do things. Mr. Holt makes it very interesting and easy to understand. He's very good at explaining in a way I understand. Also, I really appreciate all the others at the table who have participated and shared their knowledge. What a great program!!!

John Garza
June 28, 2019

The learning materials are easy to read and understand.

Omar Sierra
June 27, 2019

I took classes with Mike back in 1987, He is the best for any Electrical training, your high standards are unmatched!

Gaetan Rioux
June 22, 2019

Fast shipping and received all books in excellent condition. Your site is very easy to use.

Dan Syrylo
June 21, 2019
Best videos on YouTube! I haven't listened to a video yet that left me with questions about the topic at hand. I appreciate what he and his company does to further the electrical field.
Nick Boon
June 19, 2019

I was most pleased with how dedicated you all are with helping individuals learn. Just continue to keep God First.

Christopher Davis
June 13, 2019

Great learning materials, love the videos.

Daniel Vargas
June 11, 2019

All of you guys are Rock Stars, Keep up the Good Work!!

Sunnova Energy Corp.
May 29, 2019
I just passed the Massachusetts Master Electrical Test this past Friday, May 24, 2019. It is a tough test - 6 hours long. Thanks to the Mike Holt Products that I used to study with at The Peterson School for my 150 Code Class Hours, I passed the first time with no worries. No doubt I was properly prepared because of the Mike Holt Masters Exam Prep workbooks and videos.

Thank you,

David Cotter
May 29, 2019

I was most pleased with the customer service! Very personal and friendly, a pleasure to correspond with. 

David Hall
May 28, 2019
Helped me pass the Virginia Journeyman exam, thanks Mike.

Evan Cagle
May 22, 2019

Hi Mike and Team, I've been in the electrical trade for 8 years now. I worked my way up through the trade from the apprenticeship program, to running jobs as a Forman. Recently, I purchased the entire understanding the NEC Training Library Books & DVD set, along with your Code Book Tabs, and Exam Preparation Book. And well, after a long 6 months of relentlessly watching your DVDs and taking your practice exams, I ended up passing my Masters Exam. I wanted to take the time to say thank you for all that you and your team have done and put together to help others REALLY learn the NEC. Now I'm looking to take over my father-in-law's small residential electrical business and turn it into something a little bit bigger with more commercialized work. Thanks again.

Eric Summerfield
May 13, 2019

I purchased the journeyman exam preparation kit after completing my 4-year apprenticeship, to help me understand certain aspects more in depth. After studying the material, completing the quizzes, and taking the practice exams, I was able to easily pass my journeyman exam the first try. I have a much better understanding of the NEC code book because of your material and want to say thank you for the education you provide.

Travis Helmuth
May 9, 2019
The quality of the instruction materials is top notch, and Mike Holt and his panel of experts are very helpful and thorough. Delivery of the materials I ordered was also fast and accurate.

KCB Architecture
May 5, 2019

I was most pleased with the ease of communication with Angela. She is the best!

Fabian Cordero
April 30, 2019

Thanks for the awesome material you put together Mr. Holt. I passed my Minnesota exam on the first try! Keep up the great work.

Erik Lund
April 17, 2019

Mike is the go-to for anything in our industry.

John Malanczyn
April 10, 2019

You guys are straight shooters. You have the products that electrical people need.

Dan Lynch
April 7, 2019

I just recently passed the Georgia electrical exam and I couldn’t have done it without Mike Holt and his team. I had taken the test 3 times before I purchased the Mike Holt Master electrical study package. The day of my test they would not let me use my code book due to “excessive markings” but I still passed because I was prepared. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks again to Mike Holt and the team!

Chad Jones
April 2, 2019

The service and communication once I placed my order was great. The material I’ve read and looked over so far is outstanding. I’ve been doing electrical work for 18 years now and would highly recommend anything Mike Holt publishes.

Derek Tucker
March 28, 2019
Very friendly staff, and Mike is an awesome teacher, easy to understand.

Zac Scott
March 28, 2019
Simple order process and exactly what I needed.
William Harris
March 25, 2019

The Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library has all the tools I need to pass my masters electrical exam. 

Brian Daniel
March 22, 2019

I was pleased with how much went into the comprehensive package, it's not just practice exam books. It has videos that make learning easier, with books that go along with the video. There's a lot in the comprehensive package.

Chase Shepherd
March 22, 2019

The product does exactly what it is meant to do; educate, enlighten, and keep us safe. Thank you for helping me pass my test the first time I took it.

Tishay King
March 20, 2019

I was pleased with the fast turnaround and a terrific book that makes learning the NEC more fun!

Jim Gray
March 20, 2019

I was most pleased with how fast I received my products.

March 20, 2019

I was pleased with, well everything, from the customer service, to the books and DVDs. Everything is perfect, easy to follow and read.

Carroll Long
March 11, 2019

Course is very understandable and easy to work through...very interesting course .. very satisfied with my investment.

Conrado Noyola
March 11, 2019
Customer service was great, they knew right away what I needed and they got back to me promptly when I reached out to them. Thank you Ilene Levy and Angela Willcox for helping me pick out the right package I needed.
Yochanan Mittelman
February 26, 2019
I've worked in the electrical field my whole life. I was handed a multi-meter and an offshore multi-phased transformer at my introduction to the industry. I had no formal education, just a strong desire to learn, understand, and construct. I couldn't afford much when I started in 1995. In 2011 I bought the 2011 Ultimate Training Library. It's far more than a series of lessons; it's mentors, positive role models... My Mike Holt DVD's, MP3's, Books... aren't just products, they are prized possessions. I'm currently working in a very secluded and isolated area overseas; you, your videos, and team members have helped my life in many ways. Thanks! 

James Samples
February 26, 2019
Not only did I Pass my Masters test, I also passed my Electrical Inspectors exam the 1st time. THANKS Mike!!
Eric C James
December 12, 2018

I wanted to thank you for your products. I needed to pass my licensing for a new job, and thanks to you I have passed my Journeyman and Masters license within 6 months (mostly me dragging my feet). Once again thank you for opening my eyes to how much knowledge I was missing in the trade. 


Jon Lamb
October 27, 2018

I am most pleased with the efficiency and knowledge every time I contact Mike Holt for instructional resources.

Val Peterson
October 19, 2018

The help I received from Ilene was amazing...Thank you.

Juan Quintana
October 19, 2018

I am really enjoying your Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library. Your DVDs and literature are very well put together and easy to understand. The graphics are accurate and enable me to better understand the curriculum.Thanks to you, Brian and your team for your passion to educate others. And for producing a great learning tool for others such as myself who are as passionate about doing the job safely and correct. Thanks Again,

David Heller
September 27, 2018

I was most pleased with the interaction. It's like having a teacher in front of you when studying.

Leo Marizel
September 27, 2018

I enjoy listening to his personal experiences and adjusting his mannerisms to the more serious side when getting to the nitty-gritty of the code book. Great job Mike!

Robert McKnight
September 20, 2018

I was pleased most with the courteous service and the willingness to help out.

James Behanna, Jr.

James Behanna, Jr.
August 21, 2018

Hello Mike, I live in Miramar Florida and I work for Power Design Inc. I was lucky to get my hands on your 2011 NEC DVDs and Textbooks, through my boss. I studied and studied, then went for the test and passed it with an 85%. Thank you again and thank you to your panel. Keep up the good work.

Alexis Nazario

August 1, 2018

Hi Mike,THANK YOU!!! I Passed My Washington Masters test this last Friday, first shot, Thanks to you and your Team. That 7-hour test was a good work out for sure. On the code portion I got an 84%, On Washington Rules and Laws - 70%, but I thought for sure I failed that one. On Calculations I got 100%. I'm still waiting to hear back from Oregon, but I have a feeling that I might need to retake (which is okay, bring it on) that one over again after going over that test in my head and knowing that I forgot some demand factors that needed to carry over, But at least you and your team have given me the tools to know what mistakes I made. Also I don’t have the fear anymore with taking tests...thank you, The only thing I wish is that I found you and your team sooner. One more thing; I love the Code Quiz Question of the Day. I do it every morning.

Mike Bennett



Mike Bennett
July 2, 2018

Being a single/windowed dad, I didn't find it feasible to go somewhere for my continuing desire to get my Master’s Electrical license. I was aware of Mike Holt's study program, so I started with it. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, with very little time for study. Finally after taking the test, just to see where I stood, and comparing it to the Journeyman’s test, I failed miserably, I set out to go through Mike Holt's Master’s Exam Preparation course. I passed just last week and I am grateful to Mike and all the people working with him for helping me meet my goal. My 8 year old daughter tells her friends and teachers “This is my dad, he’s a Master Electrician”.   

Robert October
June 8, 2018
Got my results back. Passed the NABCEP Exam! One of the questions was asking whether an Inspector or the designing engineers have the authority for a large-scale install. Of course, most installers learn early on that the Inspector is King for the Day. However during the Solar Video, Bill Brooks made a comment that the Code specified the engineers know much more about large-scale equipment and methods of installation, than a local inspector. Watching the video gave me the confidence to choose the engineers over the Inspectors. If I had not watched the video to prep for this Exam, I'm pretty sure I would have chosen the Inspectors and got that question wrong. The Exam also asked many questions on equipment clearances. The wonderful graphics in the Solar Workbook really helped me visualize the test questions. I transferred highlighting from my marked-up NEC Codebook to the new one you sent to me. (They wouldn't allow an NEC Codebook with hand written notes. but highlighting is OK.) An added benefit was I was reviewing the text and location of sections of code as I highlighted. Saved a few seconds here and there during the exam, but they add up to several minutes overall. Better to spend time working on a question or calculation than to be thumbing through the Codebook. Thank you for your time. Take care and God bless!
David Donaldson
June 7, 2018
I have been a Mike Holt instructor since 1989. I have conducted programs in Indianapolis every year since. Recently I expanded my business to include Ohio and Kentucky. Mike Holt products have been the secret to my success. Mike's well illustrated books, PowerPoint programs, and carefully worded instruction really help the electrician comprehend the subject matter. My students do well on their exams and have plenty of knowledge to apply to the everyday tasks in the field.
Michael Fox
May 15, 2018

I just wanted to touch base with you guys and say thank you. Some time ago, someone introduced our electrical department where I work to the study material from Mike Holt Enterprises. After reviewing the material, our supervisor purchased the Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library for each electrician. We would view the DVD series here at work during our lunch break and have discussions afterward. It was very informative and entertaining. We all benefited from the experience. Some of the guys went on to take their Master’s test and I also recently took the State Master Electrician Exam (based on the 2014 NEC) for the state that we live in. I passed the exam my first time and was fortunate enough to be licensed that same day. I am now a licensed Master Electrician thanks to you guys…….just can’t thank you enough. The products and support that you have provided made all the difference in the world. Please tell Mike and the group thanks for me.      


Kevin Moody
May 15, 2018

I was about to take the Louisiana masters and realized they were still on the 2011 code and I had all 2014 and 2017 study material.  After speaking to Sean, I felt a little better about the material I had and decided not to purchase any more at that time. Now for the fun part! When I went to New Orleans to take my exam, I soon found out that they were actually still in the 2008 Code! Louisiana will not allow any books or material to be brought into the testing area, they provide everything. So away I go through the 2008 code book and I am very happy to say that I PASSED! WITHOUT MIKE HOLT, I DO NOT PASS!  I barely passed but I passed with a 77. TO EVERYONE AT MIKE HOLT I SAY...THANK YOU!!!

George Campbell
April 16, 2018

I was nervous to commit to buying Mike Holt’s Journeyman collection, but I can tell you guys now that it is 100% worth every penny. With the amount of high level information in his DVDs, I’m surprised the whole series doesn't cost double the amount that it does. If passing your Journeyman’s test means getting a raise at your company, this is a no-brainer investment. I was a residential electrical apprentice with ZERO schooling or training outside of the work place, or anything involved in other areas of electrical work, and I passed my Journeyman’s test with an 89% on my first try. If you put forth the effort, Mike Holt’s program rewards.

Thank you guys!

Sean Kennedy
April 13, 2018
At the age of 31, I'm proud to say I am a licensed Master Electrician. I've been in the trade for 10-plus years. I've managed to survive in the electrical career field with little knowledge of the NEC. I purchased my first code book back in 2011 and it accumulated so much dust over the years. I originally applied to take the Journeyman Exam in Virginia but was pushed to take the Master Exam. I remember being on job sites and people talking about how good Mike Holt was. When I took my 1st year apprenticeship program, we used Mike Holt's workbooks, so I decided to Google Mike Holt. I remember shopping and browsing through his website for books to help me pass my exam. I ended up stumbling across his Master Contractor Comprehensive Library program. It cost a lot of money is what I said to myself, being a family of four with one income. It really took the last little bit of money I had to purchase these books and DVDs. I thank God I had the money. After receiving my package in the mail, which came so fast. The packaging of everything was so professional, it was easy for me to use. I love how it came with a checklist giving me details on which course to take and which guide to use. It was like Mike Holt and his team were right in my living room. I studied for 2 months, and for 12-15 hour days, falling asleep at my table with ear phones on, drowning out the kids and wife. After all those long nights of studying and following Mike Holt and his staff, I flew through my VA Master Electrician Exam with 45 mins left on the clock. I've learned so much from these DVDs and books. I've got them on repeat. I passed my exam and I am a 31-year-old Master Electrician and Contractor. Pryor to Mike Holt, I had a 1st year apprentice education level.... Facts.... God is Awesome!!!

Thank you Mike Holt and Staff,
Tyrone Brown
April 5, 2018
I wanted to thank Mike and his team for a product that enabled me to successfully complete my Electrical Contractor Exam in Alabama. I spent 80+/- hours going through the 2014 Exam Preparation Course that I purchased from MHE...I thought I was prepared until I started the study program your company offers...I'm thankful I did! It saved me from most likely failure on my first attempt!! The end result is; I completed the exam last week and received a score of 93%. I wanted to thank Mike personally and the team he has assembled for my successful exam results. I will most certainly use MHE as much as possible for my CEU credits as I'm sold on your company's products.

Thank you and God Bless,
William Ledbetter
March 31, 2018

I worked at a Steel Mill for many years along with a Master Electrician.  Upon his plan to retire, I decided to apply for my Journeyman’s Electrician license test. While searching for material to study for the NEC, I tried study guides from different companies and felt poorly equipped to take the test as a result. I was blessed to find one of your study books at work which the Master Electrician had left behind. I found it to be well illustrated and easy to follow. I then called your office and ordered the Journeyman Comprehensive Library books and DVDs. After studying for a year, I took my first test on 1.12.18 and failed by 3 points. I retook the test on 3.23.2018 and passed!! Mike, I know that you are a Christian as am I. I believe God led me to find your course and fulfill my desire and goal to become a licensed electrician. In Exodus 31:1-11, God speaks to Moses regarding skilled craftsmen and how he has blessed them to fulfill His purpose. God gave the wisdom, understanding and skills for them to do His work, which I believe still applies today.

Thank you, my brother in Christ,

Rod Spencer
March 28, 2018

As a Christian it was pleasing to see an organization which lives up to the statement in your books. I have taken and passed 20 Master Electrician & Electrical Contractor tests from coast to coast. I used the Electrical Exam Preparation text for every test. I taught a class for 8 years at our local union hall for electricians wanting to learn how to pass an exam for a state license. The students always felt the book was an excellent tool. I am now teaching a class for our company's electricians to take the Wisconsin Master or Journeyman test. I had my first class last night and the students are excited to get the training that is in the book. In 2013 & 2014 I was in charge of designing the AC power for the new relay rooms we were building for our project on the PATH signal project in NYC & NJ. This same book was very helpful.

Steven Lange
March 7, 2018

Today I passed my VA Master Electrician Exam. It took me 2 months of long hours, 12 hr study days and long nights. Today I did it, I passed my exam. I looked up with 47 minutes left on the clock and I had time to go back and check for mistakes. Calculations were by far one of my biggest fears before Mike Holt, but now I have a better understanding. Mike Holt has inspired me to be a better electrician. Feed me Knowledge.

Blessings and Thank you Mike Holt and Team, 

Nat Django Turner
February 24, 2018

Great customer service, good follow-up and super fast response times. I called and Ilene was very helpful in describing the products. Very pleasant to speak with and absolutely great to work with. Would definitely order direct again.

Teresa Yoon
February 23, 2018

Great Communication and response. I was an electrical apprentice, I passed my electrical wire man test using your products, I passed my Journeyman test with your products, and I Became a Master Electrician last year using your products. I have much to thank you for, and now will use your products to help our employees get their licenses. Keep doing what you are doing.

Christofer Cerros

February 22, 2018

I was pleased with the rapid response and the quality of information provided. The information provided in the text was excellent, I will be making additional purchases in the near future.

Joe Dantin
February 16, 2018

I just wanted to take the time to let you know that, after many grueling hours of hammering through the course for the Master Exam, I just passed. Many Thanks to God for answering a long and hard answered prayer!  Many blessings to you Meghan,and Mike for the encouragement through all the videos and the knowledge that I have gained through the many hours of study while working overseas for Kellogg Brown and Root LOGCAP IV PROJECTS FOR THE UNITED STATES MILITARY in a HAZARDOUS environment. I returned home and crammed into the books for another hard 20 days after falling behind for overtime hours that needed to be worked to support the Military and their electrical needs. Again many thanks.

Thomas E Kloack
February 7, 2018
For everything he taught me...Thank You Mike, team, and the board of experts on the DVD videos. I passed on my first test!!!

Brandon Greene
February 7, 2018
Mike Holt's programs have stellar content with a comedic edge. They've allowed me to obtain licenses in two states. Unfortunately, none of my coworkers know what I am talking about, or don't believe me half the time because I'm so far above the curve thanks to Mike. Also, on my last exam, I was the first guy done out of 25 people and ended with a 90%...thanks Mike!
Chris Schoeffel
December 27, 2017

Just good products and service. Nice experience.

Dell Wellons
December 23, 2017
I passed my California state certification test yesterday. I wanted to say thank you. I know your study guide was a big contributing factor for that. Overall, it is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone. I will probably buy another program from you. Thank you guys for all your help!!

Mario Parra
December 19, 2017

Your materials are great!  We use your Master Library all the time for training our people.  This year I passed the ICC Master,  NJ Master (Electrical Contractor) and the Delaware Master, all using your materials.  The videos are excellent.  Keep up the good work.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

Kevin P. Hawke
December 11, 2017
Mike Holt's videos are top notch in all topics. I took the Journeyman test in California because I let my card expire. I passed the new 2014 test, which is the hardest test yet, after watching Mike Holt videos on box fill, conduit fill, roof top temperature adjustments, grounding and bonding, fire alarm, fire pumps, motors, and motors in groups. I’m glad you are here in this industry. We are lucky to have you. Thank you Mike Holt.

Doug Reed
November 20, 2017
I purchased Mike Holts DVDs and Textbooks. The DVDs are the best. Mike's way of explaining Electrical Theory and Code attracted my 14 year old son to watch with me and educate himself about electricity, I never thought my son would take a step to learn what I do as an electrician. Thank you Mike!
Ray A Ammouri
November 17, 2017

I was most pleased with the Great Service. Thank You, I appreciate your great service, quick delivery and overall support of the electrical industry.

Todd Hawkins
November 14, 2017

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I successfully completed the PSI Texas Master Examination on Saturday the 11th. This is the second time in my electrical career that I have passed a state Master level examination on the first attempt thanks in large part to the excellent material and help received from your organization. I never dreamed I would need to ever take another Master Exam at the age of 61 but knew from experience, using Mike’s materials years ago to pass the Colorado Master Exam, that I could depend on your organization’s material to supply the learning opportunity and reference materials I would need. Thanks again for your professionalism and quality of content.


Lane Smith
October 29, 2017

This is the closest thing to a classroom environment I have found. I have worked in the maintenance field most of my life, but missing was the knowledge to correctly diagnose electrical problems. I am being offered a chance through my job to diagnose and contract work on an 80+ rental property setup .This course and the support offered will give me the tools and skills to do so.

Charles Wray
October 14, 2017

The literature is clear and concise. I am satisfied with the prompt manner in which you handled my request and with receiving the book so quickly. Thank you!

Gloria Ann Surles

Gloria Ann Surles
September 27, 2017

I have been working in the electrical field, mainly industrial, for approximately 8 years. I just wanted to drop a little thank you for the assistance and also to let Mike and his staff know, that due to his Journeyman prep course, I passed my test the first try, and with a pretty high score I might add. Thank you so much. It's been a long road but well worth it.

Mike Bowen 


Mike Bowen
September 26, 2017

I was most pleased that I got jelly beans in the package. My son thought it was a cool start and I'm keeping the jelly beans for good luck. I enjoy the books and I will pass them on to my son. It's very educational and my son got interested. He said Mike makes it fun to learn and understand that what is being done in the field is important  I have my 14-year-old reading the national code book and watching the videos. I am hoping that he takes the same path and I can pass my small business over to him when he is old enough, I wish we had more Mikes that pass on their knowledge to this young generation.

Ray Ammouri
September 20, 2017

I wanted to let Mike and his staff know how much I appreciate your study videos and books. I used them exclusively to study with to pass my Texas Electrical Journeyman test. I Passed my test this past Saturday and I am continuing to use them. The videos were and are extremely helpful. The information and how it is presented, is put together in a very easy way to understand. We show your videos every morning to our guys as they come in, and make them available to anyone who wants or needs them to take home. I look forward to going to one of your seminars and shaking Mike's hand.  

Don Birdsong
September 18, 2017

First off, I want to thank your team for the work you do in supporting quality installations and training, I've been a big fan for more than a decade. Great resource and an incredible in-depth understanding of the Code. I LOVE the work you did on the Solar PV 2014 cycle, and I'm really excited to dive into the 2017 version.

Phil Undercuffler
September 9, 2017

The attention and service are very good, as is the product.

Saul Mendiola
September 7, 2017

Everyone is very professional and enjoyable to interact with. I bought VHS tapes from Mike Holt in 1999 or 2000 to study for and later pass the Colorado Master's test and have used your products since that time. I had been a plant electrician in a power plant for 15 years and had almost no code experience, I passed the first try with only 4 incorrect responses on the Colorado Master's test, this speaks volumes for your products. I am now studying to regain my Master's License in Texas after being retired for several years, I expect the same results, as the quality of your products has only improved in the past 17 years.

Lane Smith
August 22, 2017
First of all I want to thank you for helping people like me. You helped me get my license. Because of your hard work, dedication, and passion, I was able to get my Master's license. I didn't score a high score, but I'm proud of myself. It was the hardest test I've taken. If it wasn't for your library, it would have been much harder to pass the test. Thank you so much. 
Ronis Romero
August 8, 2017

Just wanted to let you (Mike Holt) and your company know how much I appreciate the value of your training material.  I was able to use the material, and with adequate study time, to pass the Georgia Class 2 Non-Restricted exam on the first attempt.  The material was exactly what I needed, and I felt very prepared for the electrical portion of the exam.  I now understand simple and complex principles that even college classes didn’t convey very well as I studied electrical engineering a few years back.  I will maintain and keep your book for use as a reference in my day to day work.  Excellent material at a great value.

Also, I am not one usually to write a company.  I am not even sure if this will make it to the desk of Mike Holt, but I did want to mention that I am Christian and I greatly appreciate your dedication of the book to our Lord Jesus Christ.  It says a lot about a company that is willing to stand for the truth.  I hope that you will never remove that or your scripture references from your website.  I remember studying all of the material and then opening the simulated exam book and reading that forward.  It was extremely encouraging and helped remind me of who we need to focus on.  It’s all to God’s glory.  Thank you for your material.  I will definitely use Mike Holt enterprises for future continuing education and resource needs.


Matthew Baldwin
August 6, 2017

After working in the field for a while, there was so much more I wanted to know about my passion for electrical. I went to a local technical school around my home in Arlington Tx. I graduated from my school top of my class in December 2016. I then got a job at a huge company here, Cummings Electrical, and I am a low level supervisor. Having to figure everything out on my own now, I realize there is a lot more I truly needed to know. Also, I had a desire to get my Journeyman license. I don't just want to know "hook up this wire here", but why I do that. I know how to do it already, but I do not honestly know why on everything. So with my passion for electrical, desire to learn more, and wanting to pass the test, I ordered Mile Holt's 2017 Full Journeyman Exam Prep Course. I have not made it through it yet, as I have only had it a month. But all that I have gotten through is changing my life. Right now I am topped out at my company as an apprentice, and I am treated as if I was a Journeyman already. I am pretty good, but thank you to everyone at Mike Holt Enterprises for helping me strive to become the best and most knowledgeable. Thank y'all for taking the time to come out with such good, accurate, and honest material, I was honestly scared to spend over $1000. I did it after watching and listening to every free video online. Still I was scared. But after going through what I have been able to get through, I know it is money well spent. I tell my helpers who don't want to go to school, they need to get it because I see how it is changing my life. I want to thank everyone with Mike Holt Enterprises.

Tim Mann
July 31, 2017

Buy the books. Buy the videos. Kick back and follow along with the NEC and absorb the knowledge....

Joshua Fortune
July 19, 2017

Today I took the Wyoming master electrician exam. In February I bought the exam preparation guide. Mike Holt's books helped me pass my journeyman's exam in 2010 and now the masters. The practice exams are excellent to see if you are ready for the text.

Carl Taylor
July 19, 2017

The product was well put together and the lesson had a step by step guide on how to use it.

Mike Poston
June 26, 2017

This program lays out what you need from the beginning and takes you from the basics to the challenging topics, but you can work at your own pace. The nice thing for me was that I could go back over the materials once or twice and I learned something new every time. It has taught me how to keep digging into the NEC book and to become more familiar with it and that gives me an advantage over others who have been in the field longer, but they don’t know the code book as well. I have to say that this journey in the field has been difficult. I have had many questions and sleepless nights, but like any good thing in life, if you want it bad enough, you never stop fighting. I have my masters now and I can say I still learn something new everyday. I love your materials and will continue to use them forever. God Bless you all and thanks for everything.


P.S.   People who are thinking about these materials don't think about it. Get it as soon as you can. It will truly open your eyes in the electrical field. It's truly the best material out there... It's AWESOME...

Jose G
June 22, 2017

I was most pleased with how fast I received my books and the quality of all the information.

Chip Bonicker
June 16, 2017

Your books & videos helped me pass my Master's Exam back in 08'.  I've recommended your material to every electrician that I've known thus far. Thanks for all that you do for our industry!

Maurice Brown
June 14, 2017

I have been an electrician for 15 years. This program trained me to pass my Ohio state test on the first attempt. But, what it did for my future as an electrician, goes much further than that. I now understand, from a fundamental level, things about electricity that none of my peers or previous employers understood. That is a big deal to me! It totally changed my expectations of myself and my expectations for the company of which I am taking ownership. My ability to be professional and knowledgeable in this trade received a complete overhaul. Whether my employees choose to go for their state licenses or not, they will be trained by this program. I believe Mike provides this training program for all the right reasons and I am thrilled that he gives God the glory for his great success.

Eric Bacon
June 10, 2017

I just want to say thank you to Mike Holt and his team for providing this valuable information. I took my Wisconsin state exam June 6th, 2017, and I can honestly say I was better educated and prepared thanks to the Mike Holt Library and exam prep. I will not know for a couple weeks if I passed or not. Either way, I have crossed the threshold from an installer to an electrician (I am pretty confident I passed!), Thank you and God bless!

Thomas Carter
May 24, 2017

I first ran into Mike's videos on YouTube while studying for my Ohio state test. The video about grounding blew my socks off, I started checking out the web page and soon purchased the Master Comprehensive program. As expensive as it was for me, a dad of 6 in my early 30s, it was WELL worth it. The amount of high quality videos, illustrated textbooks, work books, quiz questions and tons of full 100 question tests really impressed me to say the least. Yesterday, May 23rd, I passed my Ohio test on the first attempt, but better than that, I became a much better electrician in the process. I entered the process to pass my test, but I came out wanting to learn how to be a better professional in my field and to train others to do the same. God used this program to take me to a totally new level. Thanks Mike and thanks for acknowledging God's hand on your company. 

Eric Bacon
May 23, 2017

Hope all is well!  I just passed the NJ test on the first attempt! Thank the Lord!  Your DVD’s and Master Comprehensive Library really get the job done. I appreciate the straightforward teaching method. God Bless!

Kevin Hawke

Kevin P. Hawke
May 15, 2017

MHE always takes good care of their customers. Thank You. I was pleased the most with the speed of ordering and the friendly people.

Todd Hawkins
April 30, 2017

I'm still beginning my study towards my C10 lisence. Mike Holt's material has been immeasurably helpful. I am excited to continue learning all things electrical! Thank you Mr. Holt for all the labor you put into your curriculum!!

T.J. Greer 

T.J. Greer
April 28, 2017

I just wanted to thank you for your work. I recently passed my Colorado Master Electrician's exam. The last Masters exam I took was 2002 in New York, it’s been a while and your material was exactly what was needed to clarify what I was missing. 

Best regards,

Jeremiah Fitzer
April 24, 2017

Your organization has great communication and the Staff was very helpful. Very fast shipment.

David Allen
April 13, 2017

I best liked the ease of following along with the DVD. It was a great product and it really helped me pass my Low Voltage test!! I am beyond satisfied with this system and would recommend it to others who are trying to study and pass their tests. 

Anthony Brown
March 29, 2017

Thanks for the Electrical Exam prep material. I just found out that I passed the Oregon General Supervisor exam the first time! I purchased the Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library and worked it straight through. I relied on some testimonials when I purchased it, so I felt compelled to share my experience. Thank you.

Joel Cutshaw 

Joel Cutshaw
March 19, 2017

Mike, I want to personally send my huge amount of thanks to you and your team of brilliant panel members. I purchased your 2014 Journeyman Comprehensive Library in 2014. In fact, I got your email address from one of the videos. One of your members, (Dennis) I believe, talked about taking his week's vacation devoted to passing his exam and that's exactly what I did. I moved to Texas from Lakeland Florida. Florida doesn't push licensed Journeyman like Texas does. In fact you're a helper in Texas unless you hold a license PERIOD! I have been in the trade 25 years and can't believe how everything (or most everything) I thought was true, was so wrong. You are a godsend and you opened my eyes. I will always continue to buy all of your products that I can, and use you for my CEU courses!!! I took my vacation last week and devoted a minimum of 12 hrs a day to your library and material. Attached is the confirmation of my PASS on the PSI exam.. Thank you so much...you are the man!!! Hands down.

Tim Bates
March 17, 2017

I would like to thank you for the great work you and the crew does. You guys helped me tremendously on the Master’s Exam for the State of Arkansas. I used the Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library and studied it for 3 months. I was able to pass the first time and in the upper percentile. I was so prepared for the exam that I found (2) errors on it and I was able to point it out to the Proctor and get those questions changed so the next guy wouldn't’t get it wrong. Thanks again for all that you do, I am now a Master Electrician. Thank You.

Jerry Cline
March 9, 2017

I love the videos, It's nice to see the different points of view from panel.

Frank Barker
March 1, 2017

I have used Mike Holt's products over the years and they helped me dramatically over others I have used. I recently used his products to pass three Journeyman tests, Washington, Arkansas, and California. They were very helpful with these three tests, I made 86, 94, & 93. You cannot go wrong. Take your time, work the problems, and you'll finish the exam with at least 45 minutes to spare! The graphics help you to understand the written descriptions very well, plus these help you in your every day work as well. You will be surprised at how many Journeyman have misunderstood the NEC. The items that Mike sells clear it all up, I highly recommend his products and CEU, especially for multiple licenses. They save you a lot of money and make it convenient for you to do them in a small timeframe. They do not consist of any of the same material twice. The BEST DEAL on CEU's, email them for quote today!

Curtis Parr
February 23, 2017

Thank you Mike, your panel, and the whole crew for all of your publications, tips of the day, videos, livestreams, and quizzes.  I have been studying the NEC, with the aid of your products, for 5 months and I passed my Commercial Electrical Inspector exam with great ease on the first try. The ICC exam has a 3-1/2 hour time limit, and 80 questions. I had 57 minutes left to review my answers. I was a carpenter by trade for 20+ years and knew very little about the National Electric Code.  5 months later, I am a Nationally Certified Commercial Electrical Inspector.  Thank you so much!!

Chad Beadle
February 14, 2017

Mike and his team are your guide to success in our industry. They laid out the map for us. Just follow the steps. Mike will guide you down the road to success. All you have to do is put forth the effort, listen, and watch. I mean focus on what the teaching materials are. Mike teaches much more than electrical lessons, but lessons in life. The lessons I have learned made me more successful than ever. Many thanks to Mike and his team. I have followed the road since 1990 and did it help!!

Bruce Angeloszek
January 31, 2017

It explains the code where I can understand it better. I would like you to know that with your material, I was able to pass my Journeyman's state test, and now after 5 years of studying your material, I will be taking my Masters state test. I feel very confident. Thank you so much. You have made a difference in my life with more money, knowledge and I feel kind of like family. LOL!

Steve Edlund
January 27, 2017

I want to take a moment to thank Mike Holt and his staff for their commitment and dedication to the electrical industry, and creating products for all of us to use. Back in 2009, I had completed my apprenticeship training, and was qualified to take the Wyoming Journeyman Exam. After hearing about Mike Holt I purchased the Journeyman Exam prep material and started studying. A few months later with a great sense of confidence I took it and passed on the first try.

Fast forward to late 2016 and I had the opportunity at work to apply for a promotion.  I was selected and accepted the position with the exception that I could obtain my Masters license within 7 months.  Without hesitation, I logged on to the Mike Holt website to purchase the Masters Exam prep material.  I was fortunate enough to also pair this material with the exam prep DVDs from a fellow electrician.  Yesterday, January 26th, almost two months from my start studying date, I took the Wyoming Masters Exam for the first time.  And again with a complete feeling of confidence passed on the first try. 165 hours dedicated to the books and 77 practice exams later. 

Thank you again and God bless Mike Holt and his staff.  I would not hesitate for one second to use their product.  In the future I am going to attend a seminar and hope to get to thank you in person. You are definitely a mentor of mine without even knowing it.

Scott Wald
December 20, 2016

I was very pleased to find the huge amount of knowledge that was shared among the panel guys and Mike Holt. I learned many things, especially in the Grounding and Bonding section, that was very rich in information through text and graphics. Even though I was already a licensed Master Electrician in Virginia and Washington DC, this whole package of learning was a great reinforcement of knowledge and added a lot more to my career experience. I recently obtained my Electrical EIT (Engineer-in-Training) Designation, so learning about the NEC will help me prepare for one of the topics required on the PE exam, my future goal. 

Thank you Mike,

Jhonny Suarez Diaz
December 19, 2016

I passed the Texas Master Exam on the first try! I give all of the credit to Mike Holt and his team of experts. Studying his books and watching his instructional DVDs was the key. God bless you Mike Holt!

Ray Brown
December 19, 2016

Just want to say a big thank you to Mike, I purchased the Contractors Library back in 2010, I was able to watch all the DVDs and pass my Electrical Contractors Exam as well as my Electrical Safety Inspectors Exam. I now have both licenses. You guys are the best in the business, thanks again. Woodarski Electric Inc. 

Jeremy Woodarski

Jeremy Woodarski
November 23, 2016

May God bless you and your family. Keep up the great work you are doing. I got your video set almost 2 years ago and had 90 days to study and take the test or we would have to shut down our electrical division. I studied and passed the test the first time. What a great experience that I got from the work you have put together. I keep going back and watching them and pick up more information each time. Thank you so much and may God truly keep blessing you.


Reginald O. Brewer
October 25, 2016

I want to thank you for all that you and your team does for us electricians, especially the ones in training for an electrical license. I just passed my Massachusetts Journeyman exam this past Saturday, I was very prepared because of the Mike Holt products. I bought the Basic Electrical Theory course directly, the book with DVDs. I have just passed it on to my son who is a Freshman Year Electrical Engineer student at UF Gainesville. I did the JE 1 & 2 course at Peterson School in Woburn MA for the 600 hrs, they use your products, along with great instructors. I have studied all the Mike Holt books available, along with starting every morning with the Code Tip and Question of Day. Passing the test was much, much easier having used the Mike Holt products. Without a doubt, they are the very best out there. I spent a lot of time researching this subject. On my way to getting my Masters next! Please keep up the great work.

Thank you very much

David Cotter

David Cotter
October 15, 2016

I just wanted to let you know that with the help of your product, I was able to pass the Master Electrician exam in Wisconsin, first time out.  I was told this exam had a 25% pass rate. You will be hearing from me soon in regards to more material.  Thank you for everything!!  I just wish that I would have found you sooner in life.

, Master Electrician


Randy Johnson
September 30, 2016

I took my Dade County Electrical Journeyman Exam Yesterday. I passed the exam on my first attempt. With the help from the material, and support from Mr. Sean Hutchings, I am now ready for my next step, my Masters License. The code forum was also a great help with questions and issues that I needed help with. Very knowledgeable and always ready to answer questions . Mr. Mike Holt was my guide, with his opening remarks of giving thanks to our LORD Jesus Christ, it made me push ahead no matter how hard it seemed. Thank You!!!

Reynaldo Rivera
June 15, 2016

I just want to say "Thank You" for your information and resources! I recently took my Master's Exam and passed! I spent hours watching and participating with your videos.

Thank you!!

Allen Wise
June 8, 2016

I just received my Journeyman Electrical Exam results; I passed!!! My program utilized your textbooks, and I believe that your textbooks (along with great instructors in my program) contributed to my successful completion of the exam. Prior to taking the first exam, I was arrogant and underrated the electrical exam. I failed my first exam by one question. I scheduled a second attempt for three weeks later. I shuttered myself up for a week, no distractions, no television. I concentrated my study efforts on the sections I needed to improve, based on the feedback provided from the failed first exam; basically articles 200-550. I did 200 practice questions a day for about 10 days, I reviewed some calculation chapters in the Mike Holt Exam Prep Book.  I also used your video links, the ones (QR codes) linked to certain units in your NEC Code 1 textbooks. The test they gave me for my second attempt was 2 times harder than the first. But seclusion with the Mike Holt Exam Prep Textbook was a vital instrument in successfully passing the second attempt. Thanks for producing great products!!! I really think your Exam Prep Book was an indispensable resource, I think if I actually read it fully in its entirety, I could pass the Master Exam also. 

In Kansas

June 7, 2016

My husband Philip ordered Mike Holt's Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library.  I thought the price tag was awfully steep until I saw the material he received.  Quite extensive.  I wanted to let you know he used the material and passed his General Supervising Electrician license in Oregon and we are starting our own electrical business.  Best grand we ever invested!

Karen Jarrett

Philip and Karen Jarrett
May 21, 2016

I am most pleased that you are people who really do care and are willing to help others to succeed. As of Monday, the 16th of May, I passed my Colorado Master Exam on the first attempt. The Exam Prep book and the Simulated Exam products were what I really needed to strengthen some weak areas, as well as give me the confidence to achieve the goals I set for myself. I also love the videos, Ryan, Erik,and Vic being the top of my fav's. Would like to say thanks to all. God Bless and be safe out there.

John M Salaman

John M Salaman
April 14, 2016

This is the second library I have purchased and it is a tremendous resource. I'm 51 years old and will never stop learning and trying to implement what I know to help the industry and to grow with the industry as I don't want to be left behind.

Thanks and god bless.


Philip Nutton
March 31, 2016

This training package that I bought has been the greatest asset I think I've run into. Mike's package enables me to become the code expert that I have always tried to be, but never had the time to be. Let him know I appreciate it

Michael O’Neill

Michael O’Neill
March 28, 2016

I used this material every night. The graphics and explanations allowed me to navigate and understand the code. I Passed the Master Exam easily. Now I can feed my family practicing the trade that I love. Thanks!!

Brian Robbins 

Brian Robbins
March 19, 2016

I used your videos as a study guide to prepare for my Master exam. I am positive that I would not have passed if I had not used your material. I feel your material helps the individual to not only prepare for the test, but even more importantly, it makes you a better electrician!!! Thank you Mike for what you are doing. You have been a huge blessing to my career and family!!!


Jece Kall Barbee
February 24, 2016

I was able to pass the South Carolina electrical exam on my first attempt with the help of your Study Course

Mitch Reed
February 23, 2016

I purchased some of your 2014 Journeyman Exam Study Materials to help me prepare for my test, and I can tell you that it helped.  I just want to say thank you for providing these great materials for us. I have been using Mike Holt materials since 2008, and even though the cost can be a bit of a large investment at times, the value is worth the price. Your materials definitely helped me with passing my exam. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

David Mccormick
February 15, 2016

Hi my name is Anthony, Master Electrician. In preparation for my test, the classroom didn't do the trick. I wanted to take multiple Master Exams back to back. I purchased the Mike Holt Electrical Exam Prep and Calculations Textbooks and on the first time I passed all of them.

Thanks Mike Holt and the entire staff. Washington DC, MD, VA; Masters. 

Anthony Earley
December 29, 2015

I was most pleased with the quick turn-around on the Exam Prep Product I bought. I really like the content and look forward to re-taking my Master Electrical Exam. I am confidant your program will have me on top of my abilities and allow me to perform as expected. 

Frank Buckland
December 28, 2015

I am greatly appreciative for all the Knowledge I have gained through your company. I did 4 years in an apprenticeship program and I passed my Journeyman Exam through Mike Holt Prep Books, which helped me much more than my apprenticeship. Now I have passed my Master Exam. The proof is in the pudding. I constantly buy your stuff and recommend anyone who asks me about training to go to your website. That is because I feel you guys are the best in the trade at taking complicated information and transmuting that information into user-friendly installation methods which is awesome for the trade. I’m a lifelong client. I will most definitely be using you guys for any and all future electrical needs. Please keep me in the loop of any classes or seminars in state. 

Izaak Torres 

Izaak Torres
December 23, 2015

I want to thank you for your patience and customer service you guys are awesome. I passed both tests. Once again a big thank you and may God give you a blessed Christmas.

Izaak Torres 

Izaak Torres
December 21, 2015

I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the products (Journeyman Exam Test Prep) and the great customer service. It's a pleasure doing business with you all.

Brandon Reed
December 5, 2015

I wanted to thank all the people who work at Mike Holt Enterprises for the help in selecting the right materials to study for my Journeyman Electricians Test. I had watched some of the Mike Holt training videos in the past but I was not to sure if I retained enough information over the years to take a state test. The Exam Prep Package was perfect, I felt it explained concepts and code better than I had originally learned it. I will continue to look towards Mike Holt products for training and recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the material not just pass a test.

Andrew Onak
November 14, 2015

I passed the Washington Administrator Exam the first time with an overall score of 90% thanks to Mike and his amazing team at Mike Holt Enterprises. My family and I can't thank you enough, your material is so fun and easy to follow it's addicting! The Ultimate Library is a must for any electrician looking to better themselves and to just enjoy learning what the NEC is all about and more.

Ken DeHart
November 4, 2015

I wanted to take a minute and tell you about a very good Electrician but a very bad test taker! I recently bought some of your study and prep material and decided to take the Alabama Electrical Contractors Exam. I am currently the Electrical Manager for a large Refrigeration Company, and we do a lot of our own in-house wiring. We have licenses in several states and they asked me to get one for Alabama, I agreed, but was not too sure of myself,  Then work got very busy and I only had 3 weeks to cram all the material I purchased. I did not realize all the DVDs were 4 to 5 hours long. Long story short; I studied and then went to take the test, and then it got real stressful. They would not let me use the 2014 NEC Handbook I tabbed and highlighted. I never once studied for the Business Law portion of the test, we already have several people that have this. So I had to take the test without a Tabbed Code Book and take the Business Law with the Master Exam. Somehow, by the grace of God, and some really good study material, I PASSED. I got an 86 on the Electric and a 67 on the Business Law for a 76 total on the exam. I am sure I would have done better if the test was just electrical. I also know that without the Mike Holt Material I would have not passed again! I will take a 76!



George Campbell
October 25, 2015

Took and passed my Journeyman's test and a year later took and passed my Master's test. Both on the first try, thanks to your study material. I learned more in this material than I did in all of the years on the job and all of my time in school. My test was loaded with calculations and with the allowed test time I would have never made it without the in-depth understanding that I gained from your study guides. Also, I loved the dedication page in your books and read it often.

Chris Sellors
October 16, 2015

Thank you, Mike and everyone on the team there. I tested for my Commercial inspectors exam and passed with no problem. I went in with total confidence. I have used Mike's classes and DVD's for at least 20 years I think. I have passed every test in multiple l states the first time.  I thank God for the skills he has blessed me with and the man I am today. He has blessed Mike with an amazing ability to share the knowledge he has with others.   After 38 years in the electrical trade and 20 years of contracting I am now an Electrical Inspector in the city of Boca Raton.  Again, thank you for everything and I will see you at the next seminar. God Bless you all.

Rob Smythe
October 14, 2015

How quickly you were able to deal with my enquiry and get the products to me, especially as it was coming all the way to the UK. Don't change a thing. From my experience, it's a perfectly pleasant staff that deals with you quickly and efficiently. Buying from you was an absolute dream. From dealing with Angela in getting a price for what I needed, to getting my hands on the product (2011 Masters Comprehensive DVD Library). It only took 2 days to get to the UK, which was brilliant. The product itself reminding me of things I learned 20 years ago, but you tend to forget when you just work your jobs. Mike and the team on the DVDs just seem to hook you in and get you engaged. Well done to you all back there in Florida

Chris Nicoll
October 12, 2015

Thank Mike Holt for the professionalism he promotes in our trade and all that he stands for. I was busy with marriage, the kids, work and still found a way to pass a Master test by 32 years of age. Thanks to the comprehensive library I purchased. Great product, Great guy..... God Bless.

Matthew Holloway
September 16, 2015

Expert commentary to the subject under discussion. All of your products are really fantastic and very helpful in preparing for exams. I am an electrical contractor and inspector, your material helped me a lot in preparing for exams. Also I would like to thank you for the "God bless", it helps a lot in my life. Thank you Mike.

Zdzislaw Pekala
August 20, 2015

I am very pleased with Mike Holt Training materials, the website is very useful and the staff is friendly and helpful. I use the Electrical Exam Prep book exclusively in all of my JW exam prep classes.

Dale Weis
August 18, 2015

The promptness of ordering & receiving the order EXACTLY when I was told. I'm well into my second week of studying and the DVDs are a great asset to the books! Not only is it easier to follow, but the panel also throws in some funny, and ironic moments, so you feel more at ease while learning the very important factors. THANKS AGAIN!!! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!

Douglas L Fleming
August 5, 2015

I took my Journeyman’s Certification Course with Mike in 1985. I have always been grateful for the opportunity to have learned from the Master himself. I went on to study his video Masters course. I had my own business for years and have been in Code Enforcement and Electrical Inspections for the last 20 years. It made me smile to see Mike is still going strong.  

Guy Murphy
August 5, 2015

I would like to thank everyone at Mike Holt Enterprises and especially Mr. Holt himself. My father-in-law passed away last year and I was in a bind to get my license so I ordered the 2014 Ultimate Library and recently took my unrestricted exam, I made a 90. His videos are so helpful, informative and fun that it made learning a real pleasure. I only had a month to prepare for my test and I was so worried that I wouldn't be prepared. I took the test and realized I was over prepared. The great things about his videos is that they are not just for passing the test but they help you realize your full potential when it comes to being an electrician. Again Mr. Holt I thank you, my family thanks you and my employees thank you. Keep it up.

Mike Methvin
July 29, 2015

The information that is provided is the best in the industry. My success rate is high because of the Mike Holt Products. I have currently passed Master or Contractor examinations in 16 states. Keep being leaders in the industry.

Frank Kisel

Frank Kisel
July 23, 2015

We are big fans of Mike’s products. I used his materials to study for the GA Master Exam myself and I intend to use these products as a refresher to get more states in the coming years. Big thanks to all of you guys for providing a fantastic tool for us in the business!

Joseph Andrew

Joseph Andrew
July 9, 2015

I'm a proud member of the IBEW local 236. I purchased the Master Exam Preparation Book Package. The books are easy to read and have fantastic illustrations to clarify the code. I would highly recommend these books for anyone pursuing their license or wanting a better comprehension of the NEC.

Herb Winnie
July 9, 2015

I bought the Master Exam Basic Preparation Package and scored a passing grade on my first try!!! I recommend it to any one who asks!!

Steven Lyon
July 3, 2015

Praise God! I passed the ICC Commercial Electrical Inspector's test on July 1st and it was with the help of the products I purchased from Mike Holt. Thank you again for your involvement in my continued education. By the way,it was not an easy test and I spent a lot of time in the NEC Code book also. It is a must to be familiar with the Code book and where the information is located. An important requirement when testing.

Thanks again for producing information that clarifies the intent of the Code.

God Bless you all,


Dennis Blair
June 9, 2015

Amazing videos! Helped me pass my CA Journeyman test!

Travis Stevens
April 9, 2015

Outstanding products for Journeymen, Master, or Inspector licenses!!!

Rafael Ralph Jimenez
February 17, 2015

The customer service team at Mike Holt is exceptional.  They're very attentive and educated about their product and both those characteristics build customer confidence. After talking with a lot of people within the electrical industry it became evident that Mike Holt is the best resource for contractor exam prep.  Since signing up for the exam prep course, that experience is even more evident in the quality and organization of the preparation books, along with thorough documentation and resource notes, all indicating that this course not only meets expectations but has been polished and refined over time to be proven and reliable.  If you work the plan, the plan will work.

Maria Mathena
January 22, 2015

I realized after consulting with Sean regarding my training plan, that this company is more than just selling products. They are your partners! Sean was very instrumental with helping me select the right study material for my Journeymen Exam here in Illinois. Sean made himself available for my calls and I am confident that I will pass my exam Q2 2015..  May God continue to bless you all! You guys are the best!

Ramon Reed
December 24, 2014

I ordered the Master/Contractor Intermediate Library. It turned out to be a Great Choice because Mike and his team make me feel like family. It has a classroom atmosphere setting and makes me feel like I'm in school all over again.It will be my first choice for all my electrical training needs in the future, Thank you and God bless you and your team.


Gary Contreras
December 19, 2014

I would like to take the time to thank each and everyone that was involved in making the Ultimate Training Library! After endless nights studying, watching your videos, completing your workbooks and going through packs on highlighters, I was able to past my journeyman electrician test the first time. You guys really know how to break the code and calculations down and make it easy to follow and remember. Thank you for putting my testing anxiety to rest and give me the confidence to conquer the test. Now on to passing my masters! God Bless!

Bradley Edward
December 17, 2014
I wanted to reach back out to you and say Thank You. I passed my Master Electrician exam  in the state of Virginia with no issue at all. Your products work exactly how you say they do. I will order more in the future to keep me up to date on all things NEC.
Billy Lucas
December 16, 2014

Mr. Holt,

Thank you so very much for the obvious hard work and dedication you’ve put into your curriculum. I recently sat for the Colorado Master Electrician exam and passed. This exam was not easy and without your help I’m confident I would not have passed. Thanks again, and God bless,

Tim Hill
August 19, 2014
The Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library is a complete, very thorough course. Many contractors and electricians believe that "on the job training" is sufficient and that formal training is not necessary. They are sadly mistaken. Formal training along with on the job training is essential to be a master at this trade. There is too much technical knowledge to learn by experience only. I personally completed two electrical schools during my apprenticeship many years ago and hold a master electricians diploma. It has contributed to my success as a contractor.
Don Howie
August 3, 2014
When I studied for my Masters license I tried other study programs which fell short, but finally settled with Mike Holt study guides. Now I only use Mike's programs. Thanks P.S. Passed the exam the first try!
Thomas Henderson III
July 22, 2014
Just wanted to say passed my Colorado masters test the first time using your books and DVD package. Thanks for the great detail and easy to follow examples especially on the calculations!
Matt Hendrix
June 23, 2014
Mike Holt Team,
    You guys are awesome !!!! Just passed my JW test today (yes on a Sunday) on my first try.  Followed your advice, used the on line practice test to evaluate my weaknesses , studied these areas and successfully past my Texas exam on the first try. Less than forty percent of journeyman examinations are passed on the first try (so they tell me). Guess they don't Know about Mike Holt and the code crew ! Thanks again for all your efforts. May GOD bless you and have a safe summer. 
Respectfully Brian K Burns.    
Brian Burns
May 31, 2014
Mike and the team did an awesome job of breaking down the Code, and the discussion of actual experience was worth all the money spent on the Master Comprehensive program. I didn't pass the first time around, but the information from the electrical exam DVDs was the best decision I have made. I am now a Master Electrician in the state of Minnesota. Thanks Mike and all the guys from your panels.
Todd Roberts
May 27, 2014
I purchased the Mike Holt Comprehensive Library and without it I wouldn't have been able to pass the New York master electrician exam. I want to thank Mike Holt and his staff for the excellent study materials they have made. God Bless. Vin
Vinny Salubro
May 22, 2014
I have been working in and around the HVAC/R trade since 2002. I recently moved to Wyoming where they require a Limited Electrical License to do any electrical work in the state. I went into the local electrical wholesaler and they directed me to your website - I bought the Limited Energy study materials. Let me say this much, my stress level was significantly reduced from the quality and simpleness of your materials. I still had to study the code itself and endure some really dry reading, but your simple explanations covered what I needed to succeed. Today I passed my exam on the first try and much of it is attributed to your book and DVD! I recommend your materials for the time it saved me trying to simplify a complex code book, for narrowing down the sections I should focus on, and especially for the savings in stress. Thank you for helping me become a better technician and a legal one too!
May 2, 2014
I studied Mike Holt back in 1990 to pass my Dade County master exam. What a dishonor I've done to my self by not continuing to learn. This Understanding The National Electrical Code Volume 1,2 is the most incredible Code learning system ever written Thank you ,Gracie for advising me to purchase this. And tell Mike that he has used God's gift perfectly. Thank you.
Nathan Villar
April 27, 2014
WOW! I PASSED the NYC License Exam!.... I followed the program the way you guys recommended and it worked out.  The tons of hours invested in the program was well worth it.  I can't thank you guys enough. I still have the practical part of the exam to complete.  AGAIN THANK YOU ALL!
Earl Franklyn
April 24, 2014
Thank you for the Master Exam Prep DVD library. I passed my master exam with an 87%. Great program - I will use it every time I have to test.
Michael Thompson
April 24, 2014
Thanks to Mike and all the DVD guests, I passed my masters exam. I scored well and learned so much along the way. Great stuff here. The Masters Comprehensive library will benefit any electrician, whatever your goal. Thanks guys.
Jesse Kirby
April 24, 2014
I tested in Georgia for Non Restricted Electrical License and I passed the first time. By the grace of God and your Master Comprehensive Library that I studied, I was prepared for the questions. I feel that your course had me zipping thru the questions and locating them in the NEC code book with ease. Once again, Thanks Mike.
April 24, 2014
Hi Mike & Crew,
I would like to take a moment and THANK-YOU for what you do. I have been a master electrician for 23 yrs. Well, last year I decided to become an electrical instructor at the voc. school where I work as an in-house electrician. I knew I would have to hit the books hard to pass the teacher's exam, so I ordered about a half dozen books to help me (yours being one of them). Well as I started looking through them all, one by one I put them away and kept going back to yours it was and is The Best. I passed the written part of the exam with a 91, but I did not stop there. Your books encouraged me to go ahead and take the master exam in the state next to my state(RI), which I also passed - all thanks to you and your people doing such a GREAT JOB!! Thanks Again ( Keep up the great work).
PS I knew I had the right book when I saw who it was dedicated to. God Bless, and Peace be with you!! 

Chris Moniz
April 24, 2014
I took your challenge of becoming a better electrician and I purchased the entire course set you offered, I think there are 30 DVDs, with work books. Well Mike, after locking my self in my office day after day watching the DVDs and doing the work books and the challenge questions I felt confident I could give the test another try (I had failed 4 times prior). Mike I thank the Lord for your insight to the Code and constant encouragement in every DVD. The panel on the DVDs were just so full of knowledge, I found myself pausing and reviewing everything that was said and how it made the Code come to life. Mike I truly want to thank you for teaching me how to be safe and to do things the correct way. I am now a Master Electrician in the state of Texas because of your instruction. B Dempsey, Master Electrician
Bryan Dempsey
April 2, 2014
Hello my name is Jeremy, and I just wanted to say thank you to Mike Holt and the rest of the guys on the panel of the 2011 Exam Preparation videos. I went through the course and passed the Electrical Contractors Exam here in Louisiana on my first attempt.....couldn't have done it without you guys. Thank You! Jeremy
Jeremy LBR
March 17, 2014
The Journeyman Comprehensive Library is exactly what I needed. I use it everyday and I am learning so much. This is the product you need - it gives you the knowledge and tools to pass. Thanks so much. Service is good, fast and I like the emails of confirmation Glenn Szychulski
glenn szychulski
March 11, 2014
Thank You, Mike Holt and your staff. Your Journeyman Exam preparation products are excellent. Very happy on how well is put together and easy to understand. You look and sound like very humble man, keep up great work. Excellent products - definitely recommend to anyone in the electrical trade who wants to improve their knowledge.
Jose Juarez
February 5, 2014
WOW! I am impressed with all the materials and content in Mike Holt's Master Comprehensive Library. The presentation and thoroughness of the material is amongst some of the best I've ever seen. The material is really broken down and makes it really fun to read. I am really enjoying it, and have even shown and bragged to others. I will definitely buy more, when I reach that point.
Patrick Ramirez, PE
January 15, 2014
Thank you for the Master Comprehensive Library. I passed my Master's Exam with an 87%. Great program, I will use it every time I have to test.
November 22, 2013
I PASSED!!! I spent the last several months after work and on the weekends watching Mike's DVDs from the Master Comprehensive Library. I had to sacrifice a lot of personal time to work the tests and study guides. Not only do I have a basic understanding of the Code, I also have a strong foundation to build the rest of my career. Because, Mike or someone on the panel takes the time to explain why a Code rule is important, and how the Code fits together. I recognize the amount of time I had to put in to understand the material was minute compared to the amount of time and effort Mike puts into his course material. I could not have done it without the prepared coarse work from Mike Holt and his crew.
John Bartelt
August 30, 2013
Hello, Please tell Mike that after studying with his exam preparation materials for over a year I went and passed my Washington State Master Electrician exam the first time. I completed the 7 hour exam in 5 and found it fairly easy (only because I was prepared). My son used the same material and passed his journeyman's exam also the first time. A whole new world of electrical work has opened up for me and I wish to thank Mike and his staff for excellent study materials. God Bless,
Will Hansen
August 19, 2013
Your study program was of the highest quality one could hope for. With the help of your program I was able to pass my exam and make a better future for my family.  Thank you so much, 

Jay Baughn
August 15, 2013
Mr. Holt
I am sending this email to say thank you for the wonderful teaching tools you produce. I have always struggled with electrical exams and recently passed my last electrical inspector exam with complete understanding. I used your Electrical Exam Preparation book to study for 2011 NEC exam and it was great! The illustrations and texts in the book along with the various videos you produce  were very clear and easy to understand. I have always said it's difficult to become a good electrical inspector unless you were an electrician before becoming an inspector. I feel your books and videos are a great learning tool for any inspector or electrician wanting to learn the NEC
Thanks again

James Lloyd
August 13, 2013
I tested in Georgia in July 2013 for Non Restricted Electrical License and I passed the first time.By the grace of God and your Master Comprehensive Library that I studied for 4 months I was prepared for the questions. I feel that your course had me zipping thru the questions and locating them in the 2011 NEC code book with ease.
Once again, Thanks Mike.
Leslie Banks
July 11, 2013
Mike, I just wanted to give you a big thanks for helping me pass my Kentucky masters test today. I have been doing industrial electrical work for 20 years but have never decided to take the test until about two months ago, so I ordered your 2011 Electrician Exam Prep book and Master/Contractor Simulated Exam and started my two months of study. I guess you could say the rest is history. Again, thanks for the well prepared books that certainly helped me pass my test. Regards,
Wayne Griffin
June 25, 2013
I'm very pleased with the Exam Preparation book. Your graphics in their various forms, make the dry code come to life!! They help visualize the concepts, code and exception to the code. People learn visually, and abstract thought is very hard for most, me especially. Many Thanks
Chris Denzel
June 7, 2013
This was my first time doing business with Mike Holt Enterprises. I was very impressed with the level of service I received from them. I had to have a copy of the NEC exam preparation textbook sent to my house quickly so that I had enough time to study for my calculations test. The material was very useful and I passed my test without any problems. I enjoyed opening up my book and seeing how Mike Holt has dedicated his book to Jesus Christ. This confirmed to me that this is the company that I want to continue doing business with and will definitely refer this company every chance I get. Thank you so much for the great material. I truly believe Jesus Christ has definitely blessed this organization beyond belief. You guys ROCK!
Chris Stimmel
May 14, 2013
It has been a real pleasure doing business with your company. You have a great product in the Journeyman Comprehensive Library. I will not hesitate to refer you to anybody looking to further their knowledge in the trade.
Brian Michael
April 26, 2013
Your Master Basic Exam Preparation study material is excellent. It forces you to use the Code book as you would have to in a test environment when sometimes you already knew the answer in your head. I would recommend it.
Jeff Frank
April 20, 2013
The Power Quality DVD set is a great learning tool! I have ordered other products from you as well. Thanks to Mike and all the DVD guests, I passed my masters exam. I scored well and learned so much along the way. Great stuff here. The Masters Comprehensive Library will benefit any electrician, whatever your goal. Thanks guys.
Jesse Kirby
April 1, 2013
Quality of the exam preparation study material, book layout and paper is great. Loved the dedication page. The books are filled with illustrations and the layout encourages review of the material. Very prompt delivery - very pleased customer. Thank you.
Danny Cook
March 15, 2013
Brittney helped determine my training needs based on past experience and education, rather than the dollar value of the sale.  Although it was not a large order, she cared about what was best for me.
Joe Devlin
February 13, 2013
Hey, I just want to thank everybody over there, I just passed my Broward County Masters exam this Saturday with the Mike Holt 2008 Masters Intermediate material. I passed the exam the first time with an 80% score. I could have done better if I would have studied more, but I'm extremely happy anyhow! Thank you so much for your faithfulness to the trade throughout the years. I passed my Journeyman's with Mike years ago when the class was on VHS tapes! By the way I passed that exam on my first attempt also. Now my Masters on the first attempt also. My brother Jorge also got his State Masters using your program. We both have had nothing but excellent results using Mike through the years! I personally don't know of any other program that prepares you for the exams like yours. It had been a long lapse for me from the time I got my Journeyman's to now. I can't believe I nailed it on the first try! Thank you again!
Luis Gonzalez
January 29, 2013
Brittney did a good job listening to my learning goals and helped me to select the most applicable product. It's early in my study of the NEC, and I haven't watched all the videos. So far I'm impressed with the communication style and positive teaching approach. The panel discussion offering different perspectives: Electrician vs. Engineer vs. Inspector was a terrific idea. Thanks! 

Ethan Matthes
January 14, 2013
You don't teach students to "memorize only". Your methods are well thought out and presented clearly. I've taken state exams since 2003. I wish I had tried your exam preparation programs years ago. Your programs work!!   I really appreciate the way explanations are clear and complete. I also like the illustrations (pictures). This is the only study material I've found that makes it possible to learn outside a classroom/instructor environment. I will confidently recommend Mike Holt to anyone desiring to prepare for an exam.

January 3, 2013
I purchased the Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library. I appreciate the dedication to teaching, providing useful information and a bountiful resource of knowledge.
Justin Austin
December 18, 2012
Your material is the industry standard, your service is top notch! I was successful on my first attempt on Michigan's Journeyman and Master Electrician exams using your material. It is very obvious that your organization strives for excellence in teaching the NEC. Thank you very much. My success is due to yours.

Daniel Carilli
November 22, 2012
The exam prep book helped me a lot and I passed the state test the first time I took it.
Theresa Vitorelo
November 5, 2012
Thank you for the exam preparation material you offer and for your website. The information in the material I ordered helped me to pass the Texas Master Electrician license test. It was the second time I took it but the first time I had 2002 material to study with and did not pass. I did not take the test seriously enough since I had already passed an LA Contractors test in 2004. Project Supervisor
Ralph Childers
October 8, 2012
We are very pleased with your Journeyman Comprehensive Library product. I am looking forward to our employee successfully acquiring his electrical certification license. Sean was very professional. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you and keep up the great work! City of Ranson
Stacey Pfaltzgraff
September 17, 2012
It was very easy for me to find the item I wanted and it was easy to order. The Exam Preparation book I received was exactly what I was looking for and more. I wanted to get a better handle on the NEC, for plan review purposes. I will use book to help get prepared for the ICC Commercial Plans Examiner test.
Mark Masek
July 27, 2012
Why would you go anywhere else for exam preparation.. I'm a superintendent for the 8th largest E&I company in the nation. I always purchase and recommend you guys for my GUYS.. Thank you for the great products!!
Michael Buchanan
July 26, 2012
Hi, Mike, my name is . In January 2011 I purchased your Master/Contractor Comprehensive Package. I wanted to write you this email to express my tremendous gratitude to you, your DVD panel guests, and all others who make what you do possible. I was first introduced to the trade in 1996, but did not actively work in the field until 2003. I was not getting the training and support I needed from my employer to advance my career, so I decided to become my own contractor. When researching training materials for the state contractors examination, your name came up time after time when talking to different people. I went through all of your DVDs and books over the course of a year and a half. I took my Ohio Contractors Exam in June of this year and passed on the first attempt. I owe my success to the exemplary value of your materials. The graphics, the DVDs, the text books, all formatted in a way that makes sense of everything covered. I especially appreciate your panel guests with their knowledge and insight. I love the way the DVD is not just a plug-and-chug display of material, but an open discussion of sorts allowing the panel guests to add examples and side notes to the learning material. Lastly I would like to comment on the passion that you express. It was very inspirational to me and I was excited to move on to the next DVD when I finished one. I felt as if I knew you all personally by the end of the DVD series. Again, I Thank You and all who collaborate with you, and I truly believe this is the best electrical training series available. I have taken numerous courses at our local community college that pale in comparison to the quality of learning I experienced with your program. Thanks again and I look forward to obtaining more of your products. Sincerely, Richard J Reese
Richard Reese
July 25, 2012
I purchased the Master Comprehensive DVD Library. Once again, my expectations were exceeded
Mark Piedmonte
July 20, 2012
I failed my master electrician exam the first time July 2012 and  knew I needed a book that would explain motor equations more clearly as I had 8 on my test plus a lot of questions on hazards and ranges. I ordered two of your books, studied for one week and sailed through my test the second time. In fact I finished 30 minutes early!  Thanks

Clifford Barringer
June 16, 2012
Hello Mike Holt and your team,
First I want to praise the Lord that I passed the NEC Code Test for the First Time. Your course has been helpful to me and I'd like to recommend your courses to my friends. Thanks again and God Bless You.
Ivan Lebed
April 3, 2012

Dear Mike, You said if we pass our Masters (Administrators in WA) test to let you know. I passed it today, and yes it was grueling, but I wouldn’t have stood a chance without your Masters Exam Prep material! This is the second time I have used it to pass such a test, first in 1998 for my Colorado Masters, now 2012 for my WA Administrators License. The difference is that this time I only had 6 weeks to prepare! So I must say that even if a person only has a limited time to prepare, is dedicated to the cause, and the wife doesn’t divorce him due to the lack of attention, it can be done! The only thing NOT Covered in the Masters Prep Manual is the problem of taking the first half of the test the night before in ones dreams! I told the proctor in the AM that I was ready to take the second half and get graded! She understood! Once again, thanks for such a good product and the DVD testing was excellent to sharpen ones timing skills! Sincerely,

Greg Peeples
February 23, 2012
I like that the information in your exam prep material is presented in an easy to understand format and includes examples of correct and incorrect methods.
Richard Jenneman
January 5, 2012
I purchased the Detailed Code Library. What I like the most, is that Mike and the panel break the Code down to a shop floor language.
Ron Delatore
December 29, 2011
I appreciate the dedication to really helping people pass their tests. Ilene was very friendly and helpful. The Exam Preparation book is very well written and easy to understand. I look forward to going back through it. I passed my test today!
Tony Gilbert
December 29, 2011
Your products have always been top rate. I used your Journeymen Exam Prep four years ago to prepare for the Wisconsin exam and passed with flying colors first try. Thanks Mike.
Dominic Pena
December 20, 2011
When I first took my Journeyman Prep class with Mike Holt in the mid 1980s I knew he was very knowledgeable and professional. Thanks Mike!!! You know...when y'all are doing every thing fast, correct,& efficient why change!!! Mike has made the Exam World so much easier, he is God's Blessing to all of us in the field. I have taken exams in different cities any I always gone back to Mike Holt's Study materials to prepare for the Exams. Thank you Mike, and God Bless you.

Keith Brumm
November 7, 2011
Quality product and efficient service - continue with what you are doing! I am studying for my Virginia Masters exam and first purchased another study guide; it was full of errors, and I felt it lacked in quality. I looked at a friend's copy of your NEC Exam Preparation Book and was highly impressed. Then checking the Virginia DPOR and IEC websites, I noticed they utilized your study guides for exam preparation. I then purchased my own copy plus started reading your online forum. I was completely sold on your products: accurate, to the point, and clear. Thank you.
Thomas R. Henderson III
November 3, 2011
The service was great. I like how easy the masters exam preparation material is to follow. I have been an electrician for 10 years - I went to an electrical school and got my Journeyman license. However the master exam I was not prepared for. This is great material and I have learned a lot I didn't know. I really appreciate what you do here. products:
October 20, 2011
I am very pleased with my purchase of the Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library, and how easy Mike makes things to understand. He is definitely meant to be a teacher/instructor. I will recommend his products to anyone, without question, wanting to learn this field.
Lee Richards
September 26, 2011

Mike, After my father passing, I had 60 days to pass the exam as the qualifying party for our company. I purchased your book along with other studies. Although the test did not have as much calculations as I thought, your book proved to be very valuable and helpful. I passed with an 85%. Dad had been in the Electrical industry his whole life, even served on a few Code panels and is named in the 2008 NEC. I know he’s proud. Thanks again.

Ben Reynolds
September 16, 2011
I purchased the 2011 Exam Prep book - it's the best written material to learn from in the industry!
Rick Pieper
August 24, 2011
I am 26, live in Virginia and have studied your Ultimate Training Library. I met you a few years ago when I came to your 2008 NEC Code Change seminar, in Chantilly, Va. I've just registered to sit for my Journeyman Exam for August 23rd. I took your Journeyman Simulated Exam and scored an 83%.  Even though I did fairly well on the Simulated Exam, I'm still nervous about the unknowns of the state exam.  I ask that you say a prayer for me, as I am also a Christian.  Thank you so much for all the help you have given me through your material.  My family business has just been certified by the state of Virginia to be an educational institute for our employees.  We are solely using your material.  Please don't ever give up on what you're doing; your efforts are so much farther reaching than you could ever know.  Your testament about what the Lord has done in your life is amazing.  Thank you once again.
God Bless,

 To all,
Thank you! I passed my Virginia Journeyman Exam today. It was an absolute breeze after studying with Mike's material. Next up is my Master's exam next year. 

Thanks again,

Tres Wolfford
August 9, 2011
I have chosen your Exam Prep product as a study guide for my New Jersey Master exam. I find it to be very thorough and the best organized book I have ever used for test preparation. Thank you for a well written book and I will be sure to choose more of your products in the future.
Christian Trotter
July 15, 2011
I have used Mike's training products for the past two code cycles, starting with my master electricians exam preparation, 2005 NEC. Using Mike's training DVDs and books I was able to pass the master electricians exam and start my own electrical contracting business. I still use Mike's training material for furthering my education and new Code cycle changes. Mike Thanks, and keep up the great work that you do. God Bless, and thanks again. Perry
Perry Graziola
June 8, 2011

I purchased your Masters library in prep for my Master’s and two months ago I started studying and watched the DVDs twice & went through the books once and a few topics twice. After literally hundreds of hours of studying, today I took NH’s Masters test and glad to say I passed. Thank you for the help; only 2 of 20 guys passed. As a service manager and service tech for many years, at the age of 50 I’ve acquired a lot of experience. Prior to finding Mike Holt Enterprises I met and attended several local guys who were giving code and test prep classes for years - $150.00 dollars and 18 hrs of my life later (several times) and I obtained nothing. Finally met Mr. Dionne who was using your material for NEC test Prep and I passed my journeyman test soon after. Bought the Masters Comprehensive library the following week! After seeing the easy to comprehend graphics on such abstract topics like tap rules or grounding vs. bonding, etc, my eyes were opened and my mind was comprehending topics that previously I read about many times and had no clue what the heck it was all about. I’ve taken college courses and bought so many text books of which were just that, a text book. Your material and books associated are the best; I have recommended to all who have the need. I will be using your material for years and will demand my Company use it for training apprentices, and test prep for future journeymen and masters. I truly say from the heart, if anyone has to get it done and pass the test, there is no better way; or if you just want to understand the basics of electrical theory, Mike’s Books & DVDs will let the light come on. Worth every penny spent. But one has to put forth the effort - it just doesn’t happen all by itself. Robert Master Electrician

Robert Bouchard
May 29, 2011
I like the way things are explained, Mike explains everything in a way that anybody can understand it.I started as a helper, I went to a trade school (ATC), I took the journeyman license and passed it, I got enrolled in a Contractor school to get the master license, and when I passed the business and law test I bought your full master comprehensive course; that's when I realized that I was able to pass tests, but I didn't understand how electricity works, how current tries to go back to the source or any of that. It's the first time that I wasn't taught to pass a test, but to understand how everything works. This was the only course available that things are explained.
Walter Perrone
April 24, 2011
I am writing this email to you to thank you and your team for having and producing the books and DVD programs. I know that they played a big part in helping me to pass the Ohio Electrical Contractors Exam. I greatly appreciate all the knowledge that I was able to obtain from the books and DVDs. I will definitely be watching for more of your educational programs in the future.

Brian M. Blair
April 23, 2011
Was struggling with the masters exam; the Master comprehensive library program has helped me a lot stay on track getting the information in NEC I had lacking and the back to basics I have forgotten. Thanks Mike
Jim Callahan
March 28, 2011
I just passed my Massachusetts Master Electrician exam thanks to the Mike Holt products!!! Thank you so much for making a quality product.  Without Mike Holt I could not have done this.  Thank you!!
Chris Heaven
chris heaven
March 9, 2011
I am really pleased with the quality of the study guides. I had taken the Journeyman's exam before I purchased the study guide and failed the test. After using the guide I passed and knew I passed when I finished the exam. Now I'm studying for the masters. Bobby
Bobby Smith
February 28, 2011
The exam preparation product is more then what I expected. The material is understandable and easy to read. Other books I have come across have been difficult to understand. But Mike Holt books are a A+ for me. I hope it helps me pass the electrical exam.
Jose Melendez
February 27, 2011
The quality of the product and the bonus material included in the Exam Prep textbook is great.. Please keep up the current level of quality and service. Your company seems to care about their customers. The products are top notch and help in the study process. I purchased other books in the past and was pleased. I attended a recent seminar and suggested your website for testing preparation and the guys were impressed on the material that was offered. Ralph Inspector Brentwood, PA
Ralph Costa
January 27, 2011
You make it easy to refresh what I've forgotten, and learn what I didn't know. Because of the Mike Holt products I've obtained three Master Licenses that I never would have even considered. Can't thank you enough for making me a better electrician.

Al Pike
January 27, 2011
I am an electrical contractor in California. I ordered the Master/Contractor course with DVDs to get a more complete understanding of the complicated systems that I was being asked to bid on and install. After working through the whole course, I feel that I have a very good understanding of every aspect in any electrical installation I could be asked to install. I have studied other books and programs and did not learn any where near as much as I did with this product. I have recommended it to every electrician that I know who is in apprenticeship and working toward their state certification. I will be using Mike Holt products for all of my training and continuing education requirements in the future.
Les Forbis
January 12, 2011
I passed the Journeyman and the Master Electrician exams in my state only with the help of Mike Holt's training materials.  These materials are top notch and although they aren't a substitute for experience, they serve as a wonderful training aid. Thank you Mike Holt.
Steve In west Virginia
Steven O'Donnell
January 12, 2011
Hello Mike Holt, my name is and I have to say your study textbooks and DVDs are the best. And truly have helped me out a great deal. And I am glad to say I'm a Journeyman Electrician and now working on my Master's License. But I couldn't have done it without your HELP. Thank you and hope to learn a great deal more from you.
Jose A. Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez
January 11, 2011
I really liked the personal attention and great advice I received from Sean Hutchings. I will start using the Master Exam products I ordered ; I feel like these products will get me to the next level in my career. Thanks again Sean for the great advice and guidance!!!  Thanks Mike Holt for the great products. I will use others in the future.

January 5, 2011
What pleased me most? Friendly people,great books. I used Mike`s books in 1993 when I was taking my limited license exam and passed it the first time; 94 % was my score.

Darek O
December 24, 2010
I just recently found out that I passed the Georgia Electrical Contractors Exam. I have been out of school for about 4 years now, so your study guides and videos were a big help. I will let anybody else preparing for the exam that, Mike Holt is the one to go to.

Bill Neese
December 14, 2010
I just want to say thank you to the entire Mike Holt organization for taking the time to produce such priceless exam preparation material. Noel
Noel Latino
December 6, 2010
What I like most? The quality of the material that I purchased, your professionalism, and attitude.  You treated me like an individual that you really cared for - I felt like a valued customer.Continue like you're doing now and never lose your tremendous customer focus. I really do appreciate the wonderful service that you are doing for the electrical industry - it is more beneficial to all of us in the electrical field than you may ever know.  

Erwin Wind
November 23, 2010
Wow Mike Holt is a great teacher! The videos being 4 hours long I thought I would grow bored, but he kept my interest up. Well done. I've already recommended the Master/Contractor Comprehensive set to people at work. Thanks Mike!
Michael Boucher
October 29, 2010
I purchased the the Basic Electrical Theory textbook, and the Low Voltage/Limited Energy textbook. Your products made it very easy to pass my exams. Thank you.
Steven Boyd
October 15, 2010
Service to product you guys are great! Keep up the great work! Thanks for helping me better understand the code with the Journeyman Comprehensive Library.
October 8, 2010
Fred was a great guy to talk to in order to find out what package would best help me to understand the code. I bought the Journeyman Comprehensive Library. So far the DVDs have been very instructive. Even though I have several graduate hours in physics, I have still learned some things from the Basic Electrical Theory course. The input from representatives of the manufacturer of electrical equipment and the utility industry have been very enlightening. I look forward to studying along with Mike and the guys after work. Thanks for such a great educational product! Gary Don Thacker
Gary Thacker
October 8, 2010
I am happy with my purchase of the Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library; these books and DVDs help me to better understand the NEC and to teach others. Santos
Santos Carbajal
October 8, 2010
Your execution of the sale with emails, delivery schedule, receipts, and customer survey was superb. You are clearly customer friendly. I recently passed the North Carolina Electrical Exam. Your Exam Prep book was a great resource for helping me get thoroughly familiar with the NEC code book. I especially liked the section by section questions that forced me to read the entire code.
Jeff Heath
September 1, 2010
Thanks I passed the masters exam last month. The exam prep book I bought from you was very helpful
Robert Elrod
August 30, 2010
Just want to let you guys know that I used your education books and they are very easy to understand. You guys keep the wording simple. Love all your books. I passed the Journeyman and Masters on the first try! If you study with Mike's books you are Guaranteed to pass the test in the state of NH. Keep up the excellent work. I will always recommend Mike Holt because his education is NUMBER 1!!! Thanks again.

Brian Croteau
August 23, 2010
The illustrated text books are a great help in learning the trade.

Adrian Miller
July 7, 2010
You guys are a valuable asset to our industry! Love all the provided INFO and formats you offer.

Danny Barbour
June 24, 2010
I like the way Mike breaks things down and explains them without trying to go over your head. Most of the time people try to show off by going over your head but Mike seems to really care about teaching you the correct way.

David Whitaker
June 7, 2010
I am looking forward to using the Exam Prep products and the previous Grounding Book to go and pass my Master Test. I am so happy that Mike Holt does what he does; the insight and wealth of knowledge obtained through his continual presence through his Books and Newsletters, and the Forum - Oh the forum, need I say more!
Thanks Mr. Holt
Jude E. Carinder

June 3, 2010
I have a great deal of respect for Mike Holt and the products he makes available to us all.  I honestly feel that without the knowledge I have gained from his products, I wouldn't be as confident as I am today!

Noel Latino
June 2, 2010
What pleased me the most was that I needed the books right away; I went to your website, found what I needed and they were here by the next day with out any problems! Very pleased with the text books I received, they have helped me learn quick and easy.  Thank you for your speedy service!

Richard Pra
May 14, 2010
Sean was very helpful in everything ..and the service was prompt.

David Reeves
May 14, 2010
I was really pleased with the fast Service and the ability to take sample exams online.

Lori Bochmann
May 11, 2010
Sean was an excellent person to deal with.  Extremely friendly and  helpful.  Thanks, Sean!!!

Jennifer Thayer
May 5, 2010
I'm really pleased about the detail of training needs. Your books helped me with taking my journeyman test in electricial.

Robert Wolfe
May 5, 2010
The graphics in the work books are very descriptive and help to complete my understanding.

Les Forbis
May 5, 2010
Very professional, Very Quick, Very Informative.
Wow! The Electrical industry really needed this shot in the arm - I am very impressed. Because of the positive experience I had with buying and learning from Mike Holt, you can expect more of my business in the future. Hands down Mike Holt is top notch quality learning. I will be recommending all of your Courses to my Company supervisors, electricians and apprentices. 

Craig Vincent
April 23, 2010
The products are amazing; cleared up a lot of longtime questions. Ive bought 3 products so far and Mike Holt will be the only provider I buy from. Keep it up, your the best.
Lou Walker
April 22, 2010
What I'm pleased with most are the pictures and quality of the products. Keep up all you do.

Gary Evans
April 20, 2010
Thanks to Mike Holt for providing all those in the electrical industry with the knowledge to keep the trade going strong.  Through his website and electrical training programs, I feel extremely confident in all aspects of my trade.  THANKS!!!
March 30, 2010
The information is so clear. Once I viewed the product you sent me it only took me 1 time to pass the exam! I would recommend this to anyone getting into the electrical field.

Jeff Felstrom
March 25, 2010
This mode of tutorial is one of the best I have ever come across. It gives one a kick to be Code compliant with an understanding running so deep that it is not easy to forget what has been discussed. Try Mike and you won't be part of the struggling lot to get the code right not to mention trade certifications. Keep it up Mike, and may your engaging team be blessed for what they selflessly offer.


Robert Nyukuri
March 2, 2010
I am completely happy with your books which have been very helpful - top notch.  Big thumbs up for all the illustrations and author's comments.

Andrew Coppola
March 1, 2010
Your material is easy to understand, because the explanation comes with an illustration.

Antonio Reyes
February 25, 2010
Thank you Mike Holt and team for an excellent product! I worked 5 1/2 years in the field and had no previous schooling as an electrician. I bought Mike's Master Electrician/Contractor package, completed it and then passed my state licensing exam first try! Mike Holt, you designed your course wonderfully! Without doubt the best in the industry. Thank You!!
Armand Tiffe
February 8, 2010
I am most pleased with the quality of the product I received and with how extremely  organized your operation is. Keep up the good work!

Clark Zivojnovich
January 13, 2010
Excellent stuff! I will be referring you to all future contractors going through the process!!

Mary T. Faure
January 7, 2010
Customer service and knowledge was great. I didn't know what I needed and Sean helped in a heart beat.

Rick Lowe
January 4, 2010

Kristina Roach
December 28, 2009
Your purchasing department went above and beyond to get the material out, especially with the holiday shipping schedules. I purchased your exam prep package, book and DVDs. My co-worker and I studied them vigorously and took and passed the North Dakota Masters exam. If a person studies all your information, I don't think there is a test they can't pass. Thanks for all the help.

Mike Odde
December 2, 2009
I was most pleased with the quality of the materials and some extra materials that were not expected.I was able to clear up the mysteries of article 430 in one class period with the use of your NEC Exam Prep book. No other book, including our current text could answer all the questions like yours did. 

Kevin Ryan
November 23, 2009
Mike Holt exam prep has been very useful for me since I received it! Thank you from me and my family!
Brent McNutt
November 8, 2009
Most pleased with the professionalism. Great learning material! Recently I passed my VA journeyman exam. English is my second language and I was able to pass the journeyman exam with the first try! Mike Holt's learning materials are Amazing! Fellow electricians, get Mike's exam prep material TODAY!

October 30, 2009
I am pleased with the overall quality of people and material. I have been using your Exam Prep book for the past 4 years with my Electrical Occupations high school students. I like it because it includes electrical theory and code applications. The questions in this text often generate relevant questions and statements from our students. The text also challenges our students because it is written at or above high school grade level.

Andrew Jacobs
October 28, 2009
Thank you Mike and staff. Passed N.J. electrical exam on 10/05/2009. Your DVDs rule!!!!!
Chris Wilbert
October 25, 2009
Just a note to say how helpful the NEC Exam Prep information was in preparing me for my Master's License. I passed both Indiana county I live in as well as the Kentucky State Master's. The information in your prep guide was a big part of what made that happen and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

Kathy Boyd
September 24, 2009
The DVDs and the panel of experts are very informative. For the first time in my career I feel like I actually understand exactly what the code means. I wish I would have spent the money years ago. They are much worth it. I
actually look forward to the next DVD. 

Wade Brown
September 24, 2009
Sean helped me figure out what I did needed and saved me 1/2 of what I would have spent otherwise. Way to go Sean! Thank-you very much. 

Kevin Klaviter
September 16, 2009
To the Mike Holt Gang I wanted to say thank you for your kindness and support every time I called.  I have been reading Mike's Understanding the NEC book for several months, along with the NEC.  I recently had to take the CA electrical exam, and passed with a very good score.  As the key to this test was being able to navigate the code, and carefully read the question wording, it was the study of Mike's book that gave me the edge.  I still recommend this book as an excellent way to study and make sense of the NEC.  Thanks again.  

September 16, 2009
GOOD NEWS - I passed my WA general administrator's exam.  I extensively used Mike Holt's exam prep - electrical calculations book.  It was EXCELLENT.  I took it with me into the test and it helped me immensely. Thank you for both the book and the forums,

Isaac Duke
August 13, 2009
Mr. Freddie Snow was a customer service specialist!He took care of my transaction perfectly and made sure I got the best bang for my bucks!!!   I have already gained much knowledge from my package!I'll be a repeat customer from now on!  Thanks

Richard Coggins
August 11, 2009
Thank you for a complete and comprehensive course Mike - you are directly responsible for helping me pass my NICET test.  Thank you!
I've already recommended your courses to others.
Jeanne Wiggins
August 7, 2009
Matthey Schmalzigan
August 3, 2009
Fred was very kind and patient with me. You guys are the very best! I have been a student of yours for 18 years. Everything you endorse I know will be valuable for me to look at. Keep up the good work!
Your friend 

Walt Remitz
July 22, 2009
The materials are well thought out, presented logically and in a very understandable manner.  Little, if any further explanation of the materials is needed after the initial presentation in the workbooks/instructional books.  Learning through Mr. Holt's materials is quick, enjoyable, and 'real world useful'.

Your materials are putting a lot of the pieces together for me, as well as filling in quite a few gaps in my knowledge.  Your stuff is great, and I passed!  So, again I say, 'Thanks'.

Doug Thieleman
July 20, 2009
I really appreciate the quality publications that you produce.  I have been using them for years.  They are easy to learn from.  I am looking forward to taking my master's exam, and thanks to you, I'm sure I will do well.  

Shalimar Lewis
July 9, 2009
I passed my Masters test years back and your study guide was a huge factor. Many electricians try the "keep takin' it till ya pass" method. I can't think of a bigger way to waste time and money.I have helped several coworkers and friends pass their test. The first thing I tell anyone is to order your book and start working the chapters. With a little coaching and your book most will stop the page flipping stage and are able to go straight to the required info needed. I wanted to tell you and your team thanks for all the great work that goes into your products and service.

July 8, 2009
Mike; as a code enforcement official, who recently failed the electrical 1 cert test, I have found the text book to be exactly what I needed to get back up to speed and conquer the test.    

Walt Leggett
July 7, 2009

Gary Picone
June 25, 2009
Just a simple thank you for the great exam study material. The books taught and clarified many technical issues and the practice quizzes and exams gave hands on practice for the big test. Thanks to both these and the code forum I was able to pass the Wisconsin State Test the first time around!

Jim Sikma
June 22, 2009
I just passed my master electrician exam in Montana with a score of 100%. I used your book "Electrical NEC Exam Preparation" and studied for about eight weeks. I thought the book was very well presented and all subjects seemed very relevant and thoroughly covered.

Thanks for the help
Gary Scarborough
June 13, 2009
Dear Mike, After almost 3 months of listening to your DVD (the set of 10) I feel I know you like my brother! I just came back from taking my commercial electrical test, although I don't know the results yet, I feel great about the test. I could have never down it without your presentation. I have been in the electrical business all my life and now at 61 I am, as they say, reinventing myself. 
Thanks Mike to you and your team it was great.
Al Klitsch
June 10, 2009
I took the KY masters exam after home studying myself, but failed with a 55%. I then purchased your masters exam material and thought it was excellent.  After 4 weeks of intense study I passed with confidence.

The videos were extremely helpful, especially if you pause as Mike says, answer the study question then keep going. I was extremely happy with the videos even before I took the test - the knowledge I gained was that fast and noticeable.  Thanks so much.

Terry Key
June 4, 2009
I bought the test prep material online and didn't interact with anyone. The web site is clear and my purchase went without any glitches.

A quick note to thank you and your team for the quality of the work in your exam prep material. I added the hard work and practice... and I passed my CT license yesterday, 1st try with a grade of 85.7/100.   Again, thank you very much!!

Helene Bardinet
May 28, 2009
I would like to thank you for the 2008 Exam Prep Book that I purchased.  I
found out in March that I had to go to a job in Utah and would only have a
couple of months to study for the exam.  Not being a good test taker I was
pretty worried.  When I started reading your Prep book it all came back to
me and the more of it that I completed the better I felt.  When I sat down
to take the test I was confident I could pass it, which I did on the first
try.   Thank you for an excellent learning tool.  I will guarantee that the
next time I need to study for an exam, or just need to learn something on my
own I will be looking to you for the material.
Once again thank you,

Nathan Schwahn
May 9, 2009
I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your exam prep
materials to study for my master electrician test that I took on Wednesday.
I got a letter from the state of MN today saying I passed!
Thanks for your materials, they helped a lot!

Matt Johnson
May 6, 2009
Dear Mike Holt Enterprises,

I just passed the International Code Counsil, E2 Commercial Inspector Exam!  I couldn't have done this without your support, and unparalled products! I started my relationship with Mike Holt Enterprises as a young apprentice.......I am now an I.B.E.W. Inside Wireman, Certified Electrician in CA and WA, N.E.C. Instructor, and now a Certified Commercial Inspector. I consider your products  the "Miracle Grow" to my career. Thanks for all that you do for our industry!!!

IBEW, Local441
Daniel Craft
May 6, 2009
Journeyman exam preparation textbook is worth every penny spent!  Your textbook lives up to all the hype.  I have recommended fellow classmates and co-workers to buy your book.  
May 5, 2009

Johnny White
April 24, 2009
Dear Mike Holt Enterprises,
I just passed the International Code Council, E2 Commercial Inspector Exam!  I couldn't have done this without your support, and unparalleled products! I started my relationship with Mike Holt Enterprises as a young apprentice.......I am now an I.B.E.W. Inside Wireman, Certified Electrician in CA and WA, N.E.C. Instructor, and now a Certified Commercial Inspector. I consider your products  the "Miracle Grow" to my career. Thanks for all that you do for our industry!!!

Daniel Craft
April 7, 2009
Fred Snow was great helping me pick out the study material needed.
I used your NEC exam prep and passed my Washington State Masters and Administrators exams. Fred Snow directed me to this book and it was extremely helpful. THANK YOU!!!

Coleen K Buckham

Coleen Buckham
April 6, 2009
Your books are great.If someone applies themselves in studying your material they have a very good chance of success.I have not found anything better out there as of yet to prepare one for their tests.

April 3, 2009
I am really pleased with how knowledgeable everyone I talked to is about what it takes to get your license and even where to go and take it.

Jeffry Peters
March 27, 2009
I was pleased with how easy your books are to use and understand.  Also I appreciate the online resources.I will look to you in the future for fulfilling the FL State continued education requirements.

Roger Leavitt
March 11, 2009
First off I would like to thank you for the work of putting together study guides that really worked for me.  When I first started on my way to getting a state license it was overwhelming looking at the NEC 2005. Once I got the exam preparation material it seemed like a long time before I was done with all those questions, four months, but when I was finished the code book was not so confusing any more. I only missed one question for sure, it was a calculation of millihenreys.  I figure it was one of those you should miss for sure. 

Keep up the good work,
John Gonzales
January 3, 2009

Sarina/ Mike I wanted to express how thankful I am for your products and support. 6 years ago I used your materials to study for my NJ contractors and Philly Masters exam and passed both on the first time. I since have obtained my Delaware masters license and am actively working in the field overseeing the field work as the license holder on projects ranging up to 60 million dollars.
This past year I decided to teach continuing Ed classes in NJ and DE. I again relied heavily on your products including DVD’s and Power points. I thought my 1st class this past weekend and was and overwhelming success I had all good comments on my feedback surveys. So thank you for you help and encouragement.
Thank you PKF MARK III Electrical superintendent/ Instructor

Tim Schuch
August 11, 2008
I passed the Maryland master electrician exam 7/11/08 the first time. You are the best instructor I have ever had. Even though I never met you I feel I know you. My favorite team is James, Dennis,  Steve, Merle, John flip a coin Mills and Mike Culbreath the best graphics guy in the world. You guys are the best. I studied motors, ampacity, box fill, welders and voltage drop like crazy not one question about that stuff on the Maryland exam, I was disappointed. But thanks to you and your team I learned that stuff. Thanks,  

Electrician 24 years with Cook electric 
Mike Long
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